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How to download YouTube videos using ‘ss’

Almost we all like to share status on our social media account as well as we need a video to share with our best buddies or relatives to celebrate special occasions like birthdays, festivals, etc. We know YouTube is always the best video provider platform where almost all types of videos are available.

But so many users don’t know how to download videos on YouTube and they facing hassles, That’s why this article will be very helpful for you because we are sharing very important information with you.

How to download YouTube videos using ‘ss’

By using the prefix ss trick it will be very easy for you to download videos from YouTube.

Important steps about ss

you just need to type prefix ss by following the below steps

  1. you need to go to your system browser first, Search video by name which you want to download with the help of YouTube search engine
  2. After getting your desired video just click on that then pause it for few seconds. Now as you can see your video has opened with a new tab.
  3. In new tab you need to edit ‘URL’ or ‘web address’ of that video then you have to add prefix ‘ss’ after www. For example www.ssyoutube.com
  4. you need enter in to that address so just go ahead now it will be redirect to savefrom.net, Its YouTube video downloader
  5. You can do video setting on savefrom.net about video format quality and other changes. After done everything just go ahead and start video downloading
  6. on savefrom.net site you will get multiple option for video format and sound quality resolution you must choose quality of content as you want

In this way, you can simply download videos on YouTube. By using this trick you can download a video on all types of devices like Android, iPhone, or windows, As well as you can try this trick for Windows or Mac system.

Some basic advantage of ‘ss’ trick as we have given that below

  1. This trick is totally free to use ; you don’t have need to spend money to download YouTube video
  2. You can download any type of YouTube video by using ‘ss’ trick.
  3. ‘ss’ trick is so cool trick to download YouTube video because you can get all quality format YouTube video.

Hope all of you have very well understood about ‘ss’ Prefix trick and now you will easily download YouTube videos and enjoy them.


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