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How to create Wattpad Account

How to join Wattpad

Wattpad has a tagline “Where stories live”, which is a well-known Internet community where new writers from all over the world publish their stories. The aim of the platform is to bring together readers and writers, both amateur and established. The stories published include general fiction, non-fiction. Genres vary from historical fiction, fan-fiction, teen fiction, to poetry, spiritual, humor, and classics.

It was founded in 2006 and currently headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. The platform is claimed to have more than 80 million users. The users can read stories and share their opinions directly. Wattpad is available in more than 50 languages. But English stories hold much more share as compared to the content in other languages.

If you want to enjoy the stories and came here searching how to sign up on Wattpad, you have reached your destination.

Wattpad Is Big Platform For Writers And Readers

How to create Wattpad Account


Wattpad Sign In and Sign Up

The guide below shows you how to sign in on Wattpad in the easiest way:

The first thing to be done is to go to the home page of the website www.wattpad.com. Now, once on the cover or home of the site, you must then proceed to create an account in Wattpad and to do this, there are 3 options such and they are displayed in the central part of the screen, which is the following.

Create a Wattpad Account: I

  1. Create an account on Wattpad with Facebook: by clicking on the button that says ” Continue with Facebook ” with it, a window will open to access Facebook and they will proceed to enter or log in to create a Wattpad account with Facebook.
  2. Create an account on Wattpad with Google: by clicking on the button that says ” Continue with Google ” and with this, a window will open so that you can log in to your Google account and with it, you can create an account on Wattpad without problems.
  3. Create an account on Wattpad with a form: the fields or boxes must be completed with the information requested for this.

Create an account on Wattpad with a registration form (Wattpad Registration)

In the case of this guide, the classic form has been chosen to be able to create an account in Wattpad by completing the respective form and which consists, of this:

Username: They should write in this box exactly the name with which they want to be known here, which by the way, they can change or edit later if you wish.

E-mail: In this box, you will have to completely and correctly enter an e-mail that you have.

Password: Here, they must enter a password or key that is difficult for third parties to discover but that they can remember (they can write it down on some paper) since if they are forgotten, they must start an account recovery process that is better to avoid.

When they have filled out this form with the information they are asked to then, they will click on the orange button that says “Start Reading”.

Create an account on Wattpad: II

With the previous action carried out, a new page will be loaded with a central window where you can fill in the information requested in order to complete the user profile, which consists of the following:

Gender: with a click here, a menu will be displayed and you can select with a new click between Male, Female, or Others.

Add your age: with a few clicks where it says a month, day and year they will be able to select the respective day, month, and year of birth from the drop-down menus

When they have all this ready, they will click on the orange button that says ” Continue “.

Note 1: By the way, if you want you can skip this step by clicking on the text that says ” Skip this step ” found in the lower-left corner of the window, next to the ” Continue ” button.

Create an account on Wattpad: III

So now, a new screen will appear where you must choose one or some stories that they recommend and that may be of your interests with a few clicks on them or, you can search for specific topics in the search box that appears there to select at least these 3 stories that you ask and that is to your liking, which by the way, will serve Wattpad to provide information and content more suitable to your tastes.

When they have selected at least the 3 stories, they must click on the orange button that appeared above and that says ” Start “.

Create an account on Wattpad: IV

With the previous step carried out, the main page of your Wattpad account will be opened and in a message above, they will indicate that a message has been sent to their email accounts and direct them to review it in order to complete the registration process.

Then, they will have to go to the inbox of their email with which they registered in Wattpad, open the message they have been sent and then, click on the orange button that says “ It’s me! With this, they will be redirected to Wattpad, they have been able to confirm the account and they are from now on, in a position to read fabulous stories and also, share their writings with the community and in one of those, until they are recognized and valued.

Thus, now we know how to sign in to Wattpad. You can enter or enter as many times as you want with the respective access data i.e. email and password if you have chosen this registration option.

Wattpad can also be accessed on Android, Apple, or Windows smartphones. It is free to sign up on Wattpad. A huge collection of different types of exciting stories is available.

For new writers, it is a very good opportunity to let the world know their talent. Using the methods mentioned above, create an account on Wattpad. If you are a writer,  let your words shine on this global platform and if you are a keen reader, we wish you happy reading…!!!!


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