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ChatGPT Error – “Your request was blocked as bot traffic. If you are using a VPN please disable it and try again”

ChatGPT is a name that is now known to many people, with millions of users using ChatGPT daily for their different tasks. Since it was made public, it has taken the world to storm, by giving an example of the potential of Artificial Intelligence, and its possible impact.

Well, with so many people using ChatGPT, we have seen many different errors at times, hitting on our ChatGPT, telling us that it is busy, or we have reached our limits, etc. So, we have seen many errors so far.

But now, you might have witnessed another error, which says “Your request was blocked as bot traffic. If you are using a VPN please disable it and try again.“, and you might be like “Huh, am I a bot Really?” this follows frustration, since you might not be able to do the work that you are supposed to using ChatGPT.

In this article, we are going to take a look at this error, why is this error coming, and what can you do to get rid of this error. So, let’s get started.

ChatGPT Error – “Your request was blocked as bot traffic. If you are using a VPN please disable it and try again”

What does the error say?

Well, let’s bring up the error statement again here – “Your request was blocked as bot traffic. If you are using a VPN please disable it and try again.”.

This error simply has to say that your request was considered as a bot traffic, and blocked. It is suggesting if you are using a VPN(Virtual Private Network), you should disable it, and again try prompting.

They are mentioning “Bot Traffic” but what does that mean?

Well, bot traffic means any nonhuman traffic on the website or web app. Well, bot traffic is not essentially good or bad, but it depends on what is the purpose of the bot traffic on that website. Some websites use bot protection services, to prevent malicious bots from accessing their content or services, since malicious bots may cause harm to the website, by stealing data, occupying the servers, spamming, or even malicious attacks.

In summary, the error has to say that the bot protection service identified you as a bot, and your request was blocked. Maybe this was a mistake, and you can try prompting again, and maybe the problem will get solved on its own, or you might have to wait for some time and try again. But if this error persists, it is a signal that you need to try some different things to get rid of the error.

What can cause this error?

The first, and obvious question here can be that how did this error come to me? Or what essentially caused this error to come to my ChatGPT? Well, there may not be a definitive answer to this question, however, there are some possibilities that the error puts light on, and we will talk about it.

Maybe you are using a VPN(Virtual Private Network)

There might be a case that you are using VPN to access the website. Actually, some websites do not allow users to access their services through VPN, because then they can bypass the restrictions that they have put on their geolocation, or access some content that they are not allowed to.

So, in this case, you might need to turn off your VPN( if you are using one), and then again try to access ChatGPT, maybe your problem gets solved.

Using some unofficial Browser extension or software

Let’s say that you are not a bot, and you are not even using a VPN, which almost wipes out the possibility number one, but still, if you are getting this error, this is a thing to worry about, since now it’s a question that “what should I do now?”.

So, there is a possibility that you are using some browser extension, or some kind of software, which is causing this. Many people have been recently receiving this error, and this error is also not location specific, but maybe this error is due to some unofficial extensions that you are using, that might cause this error. Here are a few things that you can try, which may clear your way to using ChatGPT

  • Try disabling the extensions that you are using, and try using ChatGPT again.
  • Log out and Login to ChatGPT again.
  • Try using ChatGPT in another browser.
  • Try disabling the antivirus (just to check if that was causing any problems)
  • Try clearing the Cookies for chat.openai.com
  • Try using ChatGPT on other devices, to check if it’s working there.
  • Check if your other fellow ChatGPT users are getting the same error, or is it just you?

If none of the above works, and you have tried every possible effort to get rid of the error, all you can do now is wait for things to get clear, and try again later. Sometimes, doing nothing, waiting, and trying again later can help you. Till then, you can try doing some other work, or try other chatbots, which work almost similar to ChatGPT, to get your urgent things done.

What can you do to get rid of the error?

Well, if you are doing something important and this error is preventing you from doing that, the only question that you might have right now, is that “How can I get rid of this error and get things done?”

There are a few things that you can try, and remember if nothing works, patiently waiting is the only thing that you can do, and things should be alright.

Here are a few things you can try –

  • Try disabling the VPN(if you are using it), and try prompting again.
  • Try disabling extensions and then again try using ChatGPT.
  • Try using ChatGPT in another browser.
  • Try clearing the cookies and cache.
  • Try using ChatGPT with the same account on some other device.
  • Try disabling or uninstalling Antivirus, and then try using ChatGPT again.
  • If you are using ChatGPT for the first time ever, and getting this error, you might need to check if your country is in the supported list of ChatGPT services.

If you have tried every possible effort from your side, and still things don’t get in place, you can try checking on the internet, on the forum, if other people who are using ChatGPT are getting similar errors, and try to look for some fix there. Other than this, if the error persists, then all you can do is just wait for the things to get in place, and you should be able to use the service again.

Also, if you spot some error that you are getting, but no other people are getting, then you can contact the help center, or post your question on the community. But before posting a question in the community, make sure that there is no such similar question in the community before.


In this article, we tried to discuss an error, which says “Your request was blocked as bot traffic. If you are using a VPN please disable it and try again.”. Many people have got this error, and there can be a variety of reasons, why this error is coming. You can try a few things on your end, as mentioned above in the article, but if the error still persists after you tried everything, you might need to wait till things get fixed and you should be able to use ChatGPT again.

FAQs related to “Your request was blocked as bot traffic. If you are using a VPN please disable it and try again.”

Q: What to do if I get a Network error on ChatGPT?

Ans: Well, a Network error on ChatGPT simply indicates that there is some problem with your internet connection, or maybe the ChatGPT server. In order to fix this, you can try reconnecting to your internet connection, reloading the webpage, or try signing out and signing in again in ChatGPT.

Q: How to avoid getting a rate limit on ChatGPT?

Ans: Well, as of now, ChatGPT has limitations on how many requests you can make. If you exceed the limit, you would get an error. To avoid this, you can try reducing the frequency of your requests, so that you stay within the limit of the allowed number of requests, or you can try using different accounts, or in the worst case, wait for the limit to reset.

Q: What is ChatGPT plus?

Ans: Well, ChatGPT is available for free to use, but they do provide a ChatGPT plus subscription, and that plus states that you would be getting some additional features, that free users won’t. With ChatGPT Plus, you can access more advanced models, and more advanced features.


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