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20+ business ideas for women at home

Small Business Ideas For Women at home

Being a woman, a housewife or a mother does not prevent you from starting your own business from home. Today, there are many business opportunities, including franchising, that a woman like you can undertake. For example, if you love dogs and you’re interested in working from home, the best work-from-home franchise model for you could be one in the pet industry.

It has even been shown that there are businesses that are exclusively for women. That is, they have better skills than men. So if you are a mother and do not want to stop taking care of your children, but at the same time, you want to produce. This article is for you.

If, on the contrary, you are not a mother, but you seek to be an independent woman, it will also be very useful. Remember that being a woman is not an impediment to being an entrepreneur and very successful. Quite the opposite. Here I show you the best simple business ideas for women at home so you do not leave your routine aside and at the same time, you can produce money for your children and for you.

Starting a business is not easy, but neither is it impossible. If you are an enterprising woman and you want to start a business from home, there are certain things that you should not leave aside before you start. Do not forget that even if a business has been undertaken by another woman and is successful, it does not mean that it will be the same as you. So let’s see further business ideas for housewives…

Best Profitable Small Business Ideas For Women at home

Business Ideas For Women
Business Ideas For Women

First, you must know what is the best business for you and with these steps, there is no doubt that you will achieve it. What will you learn in this article?

  1. 20 business ideas for women at home
  2. How to start a business at home for women?
  3. How to know what is the best business for women?
  4. 20 business from home for women entrepreneurs

Before, having your own business from home for women was impossible. But in 2018 that has changed forever. Now, becoming an entrepreneur is easier than ever (see the examples below).

It is time to put aside opinions that say otherwise. There are many women who now earn money in this way. Without leaving aside their children and without spending eternal days in an office. You can be one of them and there’s no doubt about that.

In most of them, you will need to advertise yourself. So I recommend that you create accounts on social networks or open your own website. If you already have it, you are in the right place. If not, do not waste more time, do it now!

Here I give you some business ideas from home for women entrepreneurs. Find the one that best suits you and start earning money.

20 Business for Ladies with Low Investment

Sell online courses

If your Internet connection is not ideal to maintain a good video call, it is not an excuse to not share your knowledge in another way.

It is not the same as the previous business, although they have certain similarities.

The main difference is that here you only have to work at the beginning when you have to create the content. Then, you will generate money for each download or purchase.

If you have a good camera or even a phone you could record yourself. As long as it is of high quality.

On the contrary, if it is a written course, you could write it on your computer and share it as a PDF file.

Once you have the content that you are going to offer ready, you could use platforms like Udemy.

Open your own daycare

Opening a daycare in your home is easier than you could imagine.

And if you have children, I could help you take care of them and, at the same time, do it with the children of other people.

The good thing is that the parents of the other children will feel more confident to leave your children in your hands since you have experience.

It is important that before doing this, consult with your parents about the food they consume so that you do not run with extra expenses.

Sell your crafts

If you think doing crafts is just about making necklaces and bracelets, you’re wrong.

Crafts include paintings, toy houses, and any item you can do with your own hands with or without tools.

I recommend that you create accounts on social networks like Facebook or Instagram to promote yourself.

Once you have the account, you should start uploading photos where the product is well appreciated. You could put the prices in the publication or request to be contacted by a private courier.

You could also make a presence in Etsy or Mercado Libre.

The only thing, you would have to leave the house would be to make the shipments.

You would be surprised to know the value of hand-made items today. Take advantage of your creativity and earn money from home doing what you like.

Get rid of what you do not use

Many times we have our home full of articles from the past, which we no longer use and do not need.

To get out of them and turn this into a business, where you earn the extra money you need, you must follow some simple steps.

The first thing you should do is identify what you are going to sell.

Then, you must take good images, where you can appreciate the characteristics of the article and upload them to Mercado Libre, eBay, or the platform that you like the most.

Along with the images, you must create a good description, which encourages the customer to buy.

Once you have finished, you should keep an eye on the comments you make in the publication. You do not want to lose a client because of oversight like this.

Cook and sell what you prepare

Just as there are many women who flee to the kitchen, there are also others who enjoy cooking and make their loved ones taste their delicacies.

If you identify with the second option, the best thing you can do is cook at home and sell what you prepare.

In addition, with good planning, you will be able to do all your personal activities while still earning money.

There is a large number of people who do not have the time to prepare their meals before leaving for work.

And certainly, eating out of the house every day can go out of your budget and be unhealthy.

On the other hand, there are companies that carry out events and need a person like you to taste their guests with refreshments

So I advise you to specialize and publish a menu only with what you will prepare. This will make it easier to determine who your customers will be.

That is if you will only sell snacks for parties, traditional dishes, or vegan meals.

Once you know it, take care of advertising yourself. Discuss with your friends about your new business and publish it on your networks so they can start contacting you.

Manage social networks

Many of us have good social media skills. Even more so now, where we spend long hours observing and commenting on publications.

If that is your case, then take this opportunity to generate money and at the same time take care of your family.

Today, millions of users are present on social networks. So for a business, it is vital to be there.

But as you may have noticed, setting up a business requires dedication and a lot of effort.

So there are businesses that need to hire someone who is responsible for creating profiles (in case they do not have one) and start publishing or updating previous publications.

You should make good pictures of what is being offered and descriptions that arouse the interest of the client.

You must also take charge of customer service. That is, answer comments and questions that arise in the publications to be able to solve.

So if you are an expert on Facebook or Instagram, this is your opportunity to earn money easily.

In addition to that, you have the advantage of being able to leave content ready to be published automatically.

The money you make will depend on the business you hire and the hours you work, which usually are not many.

Share your knowledge and skills

Becoming an online teacher is an option that you should definitely consider.

Knowing two languages is a big advantage, can not only make translations, but you can also take virtual classes.

Any knowledge you have can be shared. People every day want to learn a little more.

From math and chemistry, to how to play any musical instrument or to perform exercises to tone the body. There are countless talents you can teach.

The most advisable thing is that you have your own website or blog and offer your services out there.

Internet connection and webcam are vital. Through them, you will communicate with your students so make sure they are perfect.

You could use Skype for video calls, as long as the connection allows you to communicate fluently.

Finally, you could receive your students at home and adapt a space where they can both sit.

Organize events

If yours is definitely not the kitchen. You could choose to organize events for other businesses that require it.

I will not lie to you, organizing events entails great effort and dedication so that nothing escapes from your hands at the last minute.

But if you are an enterprising, organized, and creative woman, there is no doubt that you will shine.

The first thing you should do is determine the type of client. They can be couples who are about to get married, companies that will celebrate an event or parties of close friends.

Communication is vital for this type of business. This way you will avoid misunderstandings.

For this, without leaving home you should make calls and always be on the lookout for any need of your client.

You must take care of getting the suppliers and those who will make the invitation cards, the decoration, and the food.

If you are able to do everything yourself, you will only have to leave the house to transport what you have done.

For the rest, you will always work from home, share with your family, and enjoy your life.

Sell cakes and desserts

Maybe your thing is not the salty food, but the sweet foods and … Who does not like sweets?

You could start your own bakery from home preparing your best recipes or learning new ones. Cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and everything you can think of are valid.

However, I recommend that you specialize in a single dessert at least at the beginning. That way you can organize yourself better.

The advantage is that it is a business with a lot of demand. Birthdays, events, and meetings of which you could be a part are celebrated every day.

You can offer cakes and cookies decorated according to the theme of the birthday. The presentation is fundamental.

Customers should only withdraw their orders for your home and verify that everything is in order.

Remember to take good pictures of your creations so that you start publishing them on social networks or on your website and attract more customers.

Rent a room

If at home you have a room unoccupied or full of old items, take advantage by admitting a tenant in it.

This is a business that could generate good amounts of money, regardless of the time of year.

Whether it’s for vacations, exchange students, or few resources to rent an apartment, there are always people looking for a warm place to live.

Depending on the client, you could rent the room for a weekend, a month, or the time it needs.

Even if you want to earn more money you could include breakfast or a main meal and charge a little more.

To get a tenant, publish your room on social networks or platforms such as Airbnb and add all the features and requirements.

However, try to be people to whom you have a reference. You do not want to have problems admitting someone you do not know.

Create your own travel agency

If you are looking for a business idea from home for enterprising women like you, then the sale of airline tickets is an excellent option.

Your job will be to get your customers’ tickets and you will charge a percentage for each sale.

For you to know you must have your own website and publish your new venture.

Try to provide your email and a number so you can keep in touch with the customer at any time.

Once you have built your client portfolio you can expand your horizons. You could even be the personal travel agency of your friends.

And even if you do not believe it, you could make the experience much more pleasant …

Add services transport and accommodation! There is no doubt that they will want to hire your services again.

Become a virtual assistant

There are many entrepreneurs, full of meetings and many to do who do not know where to start, so the demand is increasing.

A virtual assistant is able to work from anywhere in the world and can provide many services.

Among them are phone calls, managing emails, scheduling meetings and appointments, planning trips, etc.

However, this may vary depending on the needs of the client.

To find a job, you must offer your services through platforms such as UpWork or Freelancer.

The advantage of this business is that you can do everything through your computer or with your mobile device, you will not have to set foot outside the home.

As well as you will not need very deep knowledge. Knowing how to manage time will be enough.

Although if you wish, there are online courses and explanatory videos that could give you more knowledge to generate great benefits.

Become a personal trainer

If you like to do physical activities and have a certification, you could help those who still have a little trouble.

Health is fundamental and our body will accompany us for life, so we must take care of it to the fullest.

Gyms are not accessible to everyone, so you could exercise and help someone to do it from the comfort of your home.

There are plenty of routines you can do: to tone, to lose a few inches, or to gain muscle.

If you have a garden outside the house, you could do the outdoor activities, but if not, there is no problem. A space inside the house would be fine.

As long as they can move and stretch easily.

To look more professional and offer a greater variety of routines, you could buy implements such as ropes, medicine balls, small dumbbells, etc.

Your customers will echo the transformations they have seen in your body and you are little by little you will gain fame.

Then, you must organize your day and set schedules for each of your students. The organization is the key.

Sell cosmetics and beauty products

We women love to take care of ourselves and show off our radiant faces, or am I wrong?

This work is about becoming a sales representative of a brand. I know it sounds complicated, but the truth is very simple.

A sales representative receives the brand’s products and then charges a commission for each sale she makes.

So the more products you sell, the more money you will receive.

If you have friends, former colleagues, and even family members, do not hesitate to invite them to your home and show them all the products you offer.

If you have tried them before, your buyers will feel confident to try them.

The important thing here is that you have the basic knowledge about aesthetics, to be able to recommend the products according to the type of skin.

You could also place the products on your social networks or website, along with their description.

To coordinate the deliveries you must make personal deliveries or through the mail.

Children’s nursery

Child care is a fairly profitable business because of the number of parents who need to leave their children in the care of responsible people while they work during the day.

Create your own clothing line

Clothing is essential for the life of any person, although it is undoubtedly more so for women.

This is why you could create your own brand, with the clothes that you find easier to design.

For this, you must make an investment, where you include fabrics, sewing machines, scissors, buttons, and all the necessary implements.

You could make some models that serve as a reference to customers who want to see part of your work.

If you consider it, you could ask the clients to tell you what kind of garment they want to be designed by you.

You could also add stamp services. Although for this you will need a printer that fulfills this function.

It is a small device, but a bit expensive, so I recommend that you leave it for later. For this, you must have more experience.

There are several markets within the world of fashion, look for the one that best suits your skills and interests.

Become an interior decorator

Has it ever happened to you that you arrive at a house and in your mind, you begin to imagine the changes you would make to it?

Well, if the answer is yes, being an interior decorator is a good option for you. And even more so if you can do it from your home.

As you read it. The interior decorators online are a reality.

This work is about turning spaces into much more pleasing to the eye. Your customers could vary from homes of well-known people to hotels, restaurants, and offices.

To start working as an interior decorator online you must advertise what you offer.

You could use your social networks to post transformations that you have done before in your own home so that customers can see your style.

When your clients get in touch with you, ask them for images and videos of the space they want to change.

In this way your creativity and good taste will make theirs, turning the space into an amazing place.

It is important that before and after finishing a job, photos are taken as testimony.

So you can add them to your portfolio and customers will see your successful career. In this way, you will earn more customers and more money.

Advise other parents

In the case that you are a mother, this business could fall like a glove.

Children go through different stages throughout their lives: they ignore, they do not want to sleep, they do not want to eat their food, etc.

This ends in problems and discussions since mothers (and parents) do not know how to deal with the situation.

For this business you have several options, you could create a blog where you talk about topics of interest, and those who wish will be able to pay for private consultancies.

You could also have your own page on Facebook and charge for inquiries made to you privately.

If you prefer, you could make your inquiries through Skype video calls or the platform of your choice. Always seek to adapt to the client’s preferences.

It’s not about being a psychologist. It’s about advising them according to your experience.

Write articles and make translations:

I recommend that you start looking for jobs on sites such as Earn money writing and then develop your business successfully.

In the case of translations, you must use a second language.

There are more difficult translations than others. So you should look for one that suits your level, so you will avoid problems with the person who hired you.

But for you to have an idea, your work could range from translating a document to an entire book.

The advantage of this business is that there are great opportunities and you could make good money if you find the right one.

Clothing store for pregnant women:

Women in pregnancy need comfortable, comfortable, and specialized clothes to cope with and make more practical the difficulties that arise during the months of pregnancy. Considering that many women get pregnant throughout the year, it is quite profitable to start a business of this type.

On the other hand, there are few stores that exclusively deal with the sale of clothing for pregnant women, making it a relatively unexplored market and one that may be interesting for you looking for something to ride. This is the type of business that adapts to the profile of women since they have practical experience with the gestation period and they know which are the trends of the segment, and they have the facility to empathize with other pregnant women.

As you can see, having a business from home as an enterprising woman is not impossible, as many people do.

As a woman, you must take advantage of your gifts and put them to use. Show what you are made of and become a true entrepreneur woman.


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