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5 Best Free Online YouTube Downloader and Converter

Free Online YouTube Downloader and Converter

In olden days entertainment was limited to only television and cinemas. People having a passion for acting and showcasing their skills to the world suffered a lot. Since there was no platform available for the young talent to flourish. But fortunately as YouTube has launched, people from all over the world are having great opportunities to upload their own videos and express themselves. If you want to sing a song wearing Womens Shearling Jackets, teach academic courses, give cooking tutorials or show your world tour experience then YouTube is the right platform.

5 Best Free Online YouTube Downloader and Converter

5 Best Free Online YouTube Downloader and Converter

But with a growing number of users and low internet speed, it takes a long time to watch even a two-minute video due to slow buffering. Or if you want to save your favorite song on your mobile so that you don’t need to have internet access every time, then YouTube downloaders are great saviors. Following are the few best online YouTube downloaders and converter websites:

  • Youtub now:
Youtub now
Free Online YouTube Downloader and Converter

You tub now is the best online platform for saving your videos and watching them while relaxing. Most of the time websites claiming free online video downloading, shows irritating advertisement and popups to earn money and support the website functioning. These ads may also result in virus and other malware automatically.so this best online You tub downloader is absolutely free of ads and does not charge any money for downloading even large sized videos.

We can download unlimited videos online, just by pasting the video link and click download option. It supports various formats and video resolutions such as 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p.if you don’t have the video link, then you can simply search the exact keyword and have your video available.

Lastly there is no age restriction, we don’t need to provide any personal data or get ourselves registered and maintain our accounts to have the accessibility.

  • Video Grabber:
Video Grabber
Free Online YouTube Downloader

Using this downloader you can download live streaming offered by various TV sites, which don’t contain any actual link of the video file. You don’t need to remember the video links and keywords for videos, there are wide range of video suggestions you might like to download. We can also grasp videos from other websites such as Facebook, VEVO, Ted and Daily motion.

The best feature available by this website is the online screen recording. We can either have screenshot or have our desired video file cropped, without any need for downloading full length boring videos. Just by a single click we can have all sort of video file downloaded.

  • A PowerSoft downloader:
A PowerSoft downloader
Best Online YouTube Downloader and Converter

This online platform does not require any setup and installation and no need of signing up to the website. We can simply paste our video link and select the desired output to have our file ready to download.it is fully compatible with all famous browsers including Chrome, Firefox Opera etc.it also has full support for Windows as well as Mac.

It downloads your videos in a smooth and speedy way. You can also save HD videos for having the best quality outputs. Since it is also a converter website, you can change your mp4 videos into a variety of other formats such as 3GP, FLV, WMV, MP3, WEBM, MOV, etc.

  • Save The Video:
Save The Video
free online YouTube converter

Save The Video is not just a YouTube video downloading website but also a free converter platform. It provides a simple and easy user interface, if you want to download by pasting the link of YouTube video on this website. Otherwise, you if you don’t want to open this website then you can simply change the word YouTube from the original video website and replace it by typing Savethevideo, it lets you automatically download the videos directly from YouTube.

Since it is also a converter website, it allows you to change the output format of your video. It also have very good video editing functions. We can cut our video and crop it to several desired length and duration .we can also merge two or more video files, occurring at different times to make a complete movie having larger video length not having any restriction on the size of our output edited video.

  • Airy YouTube downloader:
Airy YouTube downloader
Best Free Online YouTube Downloader and Converter

This is a well-known YouTube downloader and a converter website which offers a wide range of video qualities from 144p to a much higher resolution of 4320p. It supports MP4, FLV and 3GP formats.

You can also share your videos anytime with your friends easily.it allows batch processing, you can allow multiple video downloading in just one click. By using this online video downloader, you can select the entire playlist without searching for each and every release of your favorite artists. Lastly, you can also extract audio and save them as mp3 files in your phones and mp3 players to listen daily not needing to watch videos over and over again.


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