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Visa Interview Questions For Parents

Visa Interview Questions and Answers

Some students may be a dream about relocating to foreign countries like the USA for higher education, but no one can suddenly move on into another country, for that some documents are essential like passport, visa, etc. In case if someone wants to make a visa to go to the USA for study purposes, then as per the international rules and regulations he/she should make a visa on a compulsory basis. During such kind of interview process, parents also have to give answers to some questions.

Visa Interview Questions For Parents

Visa Interview Questions For Parents
Visa Interview Questions For Parents

If you are not aware of this type of information then this article will guide you by all aspects, like what and which kind of questions going to ask you by a foreign embassy. If you want to get pre idea about visa interview questions, then also it can be the best source for you for proper information.

Somewhere this information can be helpful for you in future while you can well prepare yourself before going to face visa interview to go at the USA. In case if parents want to go to meet their son/daughter in a foreign country then also you can get the reference of this information for the visa interview process.

Main Content:

  1. B2 Visa Interview Questions for Parents.
  2. Visa Interview Questions To Parents for Son/Daughter Graduation Education in to the USA.
  3. Conclusion.
  4. FAQ.

B2 Visa Interview Questions for Parents.

Someone who is a nonimmigrant means going to the USA as a tourist or visitor for them USA issuing B2 visa. For example, if someone’s daughter or son is already working in the USA and they want to go to meet with them, then they can apply for

  1. Do you have any relatives in the USA? In case yes then, who are they?
    Answer: You must give an honest answer for such kind of question, if you have any relative like son/daughter who is already living there into the USA then tell their name.
  2. Have you ever been to the USA before?
    Answer: Yes or No.
  3. Why are you going to the USA?
    Answer: Reason should be true for this question, you should explain specific purpose here for what you want to go to the USA.
  4. Where will you stay in the USA?
    Answer: For such question you must provide location details where you will stay in the USA.
  5. Who is going to sponsor your visit to the USA?
    Answer: If anyone there is sponsoring your trip to the USA then you must provide all details about that.
  6. For how many days do you want to stay there in the USA?
    Answer: You can give confirmation for how many days you want to stay there in the USA.
  7. What does your son/daughter/relatives do for a living in the USA?
    Answer: Provide all job details about your son/daughter, like current designation, company name, company location etc.
  8. Who will pay for your visit?
    Answer: If you are going on own money then give an answer by own money, otherwise if anyone other is providing you fund for that trip then you can give details about them.
  9. Where does your son/daughter/relatives living in the USA?
    Answer: Provide here current location details about your son/daughter. Here you need to mention appropriate and true addresses because such things should be transparent at the time of visa interviews.
  10. Where does your son/daughter/relatives work or study in the USA?
    Answer: For what purpose your son/daughter/relatives are there in the USA about that information you should provide truly. Purpose can be study or work so you should mention everything clearly.
  11. How many children do you have?
    Answer: Number of children’s should mention here like answer can be anything but true detail is must here.
  12. What is your annual income?
    Answer: As a parent, you should mention your annual income here. Your salary can be whatever, but a true answer is essential and expected here.
  13. Do you have any health-related issues or medical conditions?
    Answer: If you have any health-related issue or medical treatment is going on for any kind of disease then such things you should mention truly here.
  14. What is a visa your son/daughter/relatives are having?
    Answer: Here you need to explain the visa type of your son/daughter, so you should know about their visa type.
  15. Is your son/daughter married?
    Answer: Marital status of your son/daughter is essential to explain here. The answer can be yes or no here.
  16. When do you plan to travel?
    Answer: You have to provide your travel plan here like when do you want to go to the USA.
  17. Why do you want to travel at a specific time? Is there any special purpose behind this?
    Answer: If you are going to the USA for any special purpose that also needs to mention here, by that reason you need to give an explanation about particular time importance for that you want to visit the USA.
  18. When will you return back from the USA?
    Answer: You can assure the interviewer about your return back journey from the USA.
  19. Have you booked your airline tickets?
    Answer: If you have an already booked airline ticket for the USA those details need to provide here. If not booked ticket then you can give simply answer ‘No’.
  20. Do you have any own land/home in India?
    Answer: If you have your own home or land in India about that true and correct information you should provide here.
  21. Have you been outside India before?
    Answer: If you have already visited outside India country,
    about that details you need to provide here truly.
  22. Can’t you finish your visit earlier? Why do you want to stay for so long time there in the USA?
    Answer: If you have a plan about to go to the USA for a long time then the interviewer can ask you about an early return back plan, so according to your journey plan you can give the answer. Also, you need to provide a long time stay reason.
  23. Last time when did your son/daughter/relatives visit India?
    Answer: You must have to provide detailed information about the last time journey of your son/daughter to India.
  24. Are you a retired or working person?
    Answer: If you are a working person then your answer should be working, else if you are retired then you can tell that.
  25. When did you retire?
    Answer: Explain details about your retirement plan if this question asked to you by interviewer.
  26. Where are you working now in India? Do you have any employee identity cards or employment identification documents?
    Answer: You must have to explain some details about your current job in India like job designation, job location. Also, you must show an employee ID card or employment-related document to the interviewer.
  27. How much salary/is pension do you earn now?
    Answer: You should tell about your current salary or pension to an interviewer.
  28. Does your son/daughter have any children?
    Answer: If your son/daughter has a children’s then you need to mention their total number here.
  29. Can we see your leave of approval?
    Answer: If you have collected leave approval from your office then you need to show that to an interviewer.
  30. Can we get the contact details of your son/daughter/relatives?
    Answer: In case if the interviewer asks you about the contact details of your son/daughter, then you need to provide true and correct contact details to them.

Visa Interview Questions To Parents for Son/Daughter Graduation Education in the USA.

If any student wants to move on to the USA for graduation or any other higher study purpose, then as a parent some important questions the interviewer can ask you during the visa interview. You can ask about such important questions as given below;

  • What course does your son/daughter want to join in the USA?
    Answer: Here as a parent you should provide a course name for what your son/daughter wishes to take admission into the USA.
  • Who will pay your son/daughter for education there in the USA?
    Answer: If you are paying yourself to your son/daughter for education then you can say yourself, if you are paying by bank loan then you can explain details about that bank/financial organization.
  • What is your actual salary?
    Answer: You need to give a full explanation about your salary as an answer to this question.
  • Where will stay your Son/Daughter be in the USA?
    Answer: Here you must give the address details wherever your son/daughter will stay in the USA.
  • Have ever been your son/daughter to the USA?
    Answer: For this question answer can be ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, only the answer should be true.
  • Why does your son/daughter want to go to the USA to do a graduation course?
    Answer: You should give a specific reason here, for what your son/daughter wants to go for education purposes in the USA.
  • In which college/University does your son/daughter want to take admission for a graduation course in the USA?
    Answer: Specific college/university name should mention here in the USA, where your son/daughter want to go for study.
  • Do you have any relatives there in the USA? If yes then what is their name?
    Answer: If you have any relatives who are already leaving the USA, then you can tell their names during the visa interview.
  • What is your annual income?
    Answer: Give the all details about your actual annual salary.
  • How many children do you have?
    Answer: Number of children’s should mention here.
  • When will your son/daughter come back to India?
    Answer: You can mention exact time about return back journey of your son/daughter in to India.
  • What is your Son/Daughter’s plan about moving on into the USA?
    Answer: You have to give details about the exact journey schedule, by which day your son/daughter wishes to move on to the USA.
  • How long your son/daughter will stay there in the USA?
    Answer: Here you need to give the correct duration for what your son/daughter going to stay there in the USA.
  • Your income is not enough to support international travel, what do you plan to do?
    Answer: You should tell an interviewer about your financial details and arrangements with the help of that you are sending your son/daughter for study purposes into the USA.
  • Who will take care of your son/daughter there in the USA?
    Answer: As a parents you need to assure interviewer about to take care of your son/daughter in to the USA. If there is any relative of yours already then you can give their details to visa interviewer.


Before you go to a face visa interview for the USA, that time there may be so many questions that can come into your mind. This article information will guide and help you so that you can get aware of visa interview questions.

In this way, we have seen so many questions about the visa interviewing process for parents in various situations. Hope you have well understood all of them and it will be beneficial for you whenever you will face a visa interview. Try to share this information with others, Thanks for being with us…

Frequently Asked Questions About Visa Interview Questions for Parents- FAQ.

Q. Which kind of questions is asked to parents during the visa interview for the USA?

Ans: Purpose of USA visit, Journey Plan, staying period details, Previous USA journey related questions, About relatives if anyone available there already, Financial status related questions, etc.

Q. For what purpose B2 visa is available? Is it true that parents also can apply for a B2 visa?

Ans: B2 visa is for parents whose son/daughter is already working/studying in the USA. By facing visa interviews, a B2 visa can be available for parents to go to meet their relatives in the USA.

Q. Is it essential to explain the return back plan from the USA to visa interviewer by parents?

Ans: Yes.

Q. Does the visa interview process for the USA, can ask questions to parents about financial status?


Q. Which type of questions can be asked commonly to parents during the visa interview process when son/daughter wishes to relocate to the USA?

Ans: Course-related questions, College/University-related questions, Staying location-related questions, Financial status-related questions, etc.


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