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Ssense Review

When it comes to luxury brand shopping, there are a handful of platforms from where you can buy the luxurious items of your choice. One such brand is Ssense, about which you might have heard about. But if you are questioning whether or not is it legit, or whether should you choose to buy from the Ssense platform, through this article, we will try to put an honest review about Ssense, what is it, and everything you need to know about it so that you can choose for yourself.

Ssense Review

What is Ssense?

First of all, if you are not familiar with the brand, let’s talk about it a little bit so that you would have at least a superficial idea of what the brand is, and what it does. So, first of all, it is pronounced something like “Essense”, and it’s a global platform, which can be considered as a multi–brand retailer, with the headquarters based in Montreal, Canada.

On the website of Ssense, you can also find some culture-related content, so we can say that they are working as an ecommerce, and also as a cultural content provider for the users.

Through the Ssense website, you can shop from 500+ brands and designer labels and streetwear brands, including Gucci, Off-white, Acne Studios, and more.

So, if you are someone who wants to buy luxurious items, related to apparel, or more, you can consider Ssense as a platform, which can help you here.

Talking about the ownership of the massive retailer was started by three brothers – Rami Atallah, Bassel Atallah, and Firas Atallah in 2003, and it’s headquartered in Montreal, Canada.

Should you use Ssense?

As of now, you might be already familiar with Ssense is the home for retailing many luxurious brands, emerging designers, and streetwear brands. So, you can buy apparel for men and women, along with many other things, according to designers and brands. So, as and when you want to buy some luxurious item, you may consider using Ssense.

Also, the website brings convenience, so we can see the items in the sale, specifically for men, or women, or we can also search and shop for some particular products, so there are a lot of filter options. ‘

First of all, the question may come that I mentioned that from Ssense, you can shop products from top luxurious brands, like Gucci, so a straightforward question might be why I won’t buy from Gucci.

Well, one of the reasons can be that the products that come on the Gucci platform are sold very soon, but on platforms like Ssense, they may be available for a bit longer, and if you want to buy some product, you may have more room to buy it. You may spot that there is not much of a price difference in the products listed on Ssense, and that is what you buy from Gucci’s official site.

Also, the Ssense platform can be useful for those people, who don’t have access to shopping malls, or luxury stores, but still want to buy luxurious items. They have worldwide shipping, and you can consider buying from here.

Is Ssense legit? Reviews

When you are using any platform for the first time, you may want to check if the platform is legit or not. The same could be true with Ssense, so the best thing that you can do is to check some reviews from the customers. Upon looking for some reviews from the site, overall we can find that it has got some mixed reviews, with a slight skew towards negative or unhappy reviews from the customers.

I have found that some customers are super happy with what they got, the pricing, and everything, while some customers have had a terrible experience dealing with the company.

Going through some reviews, I have categorized some of the types of reviews, or problems that many customers have experienced on the website.

Happy Customers

Some reviews you may find are very very satisfying, recommending, and encouraging to buy stuff from the Ssense. The customers look happy with what they ordered and they get the exact item, lightning-fast delivery, and even some people are happy with the return process.

People who were fed up dealing with the refund/replacement process

Some reviews spot that the customer support of the company is not so cooperative, and may cause many delays over whatever you want to do, like a refund or replacement of the order. It would be good if you didn’t even need to deal with customer support for things like returns or replacements, but if you need to, then there’s a spotted probability for not-so-friendly customer support from the company according to the reviews, I think the company must have been working to improve the customer support system.

People who received the wrong items

From the reviews, I could also spot that some people received the wrong items. They had ordered some product A, and they got product B, which is sometimes completely unrelated. So there is a spotted probability that it may happen to you, but things must have changed from the experiences to improved service.

People who spotted the exceptionally fast deliveries

It has been spotted from the reviews that the people have confirmed in the reviews about fast deliveries from Ssense. So, in terms of delivery, they have been really good, but there are some cases of delayed deliveries, so again here is a mixed set of sentiments, skewed toward positive reviews.

Final Thoughts about Ssense

After going through the website and the customer reviews altogether, we can say that the website is very old and operational, and working as a retailer with many luxury brands, streetwear, and designers as well, there have been mixed sentiments of the people about the shopping, the deliveries, or wrong shipping, etc.

So, for the luxurious items from the popular brands, you can often consider buying from the platform, in cases of frequent unavailability of items. We have tried to put an unbiased review about Ssense based on customer reviews, and the products available on the platform.

FAQs related to Ssense Review

Q: What is Ssense?

Ans: Ssense can be considered as a retailer for luxury brands, designers, and streetwear brands.

Q: Who founded Ssense?

Ans: Ssense was founded by three brothers – Rami Atallah, Bassel Atallah, and Firas Atallah.

Q: Where is the headquarters of Ssense?

Ans: Ssense is headquartered in Montreal, Canada.

Q: Is Ssense good or bad?

Ans: Ssense is kind of an e-commerce platform, and it kind of has some mixed sentiments coming from the user reviews, so you may check before considering buying from the platform.


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