Home Business Should You Sell Promotional Water Bottles At Your Business?

Should You Sell Promotional Water Bottles At Your Business?

Should You Sell Promotional Water Bottles At Your Business?

Selling and giving away promotional water bottles at your business is a great idea when you’re trying to build your brand. They help raise awareness for your business, track new customers, and make existing customers happy. Water bottles are one of the best gifts to provide somebody because they’re so practical. You can put your logo on one to start advertising your brand or place a memorable slogan on a water bottle to generate interest in your company. Promotional water bottles are also a great way to reward loyal customers. Regardless of how you choose to use them, water bottles are a wonderful promotional item for your business. In this article, we’ll tell you why it’s a good idea to sell them.

Should You Sell Promotional Water Bottles At Your Business?

Cost-Effective Promotions

They can be used as prizes or rewards for customers who refer others to your business or even people who buy a certain amount of products. Selling them can be a good way to raise money for charity or other initiatives, and you might even consider donating a portion of the proceeds from each sale to a charity of your choice. Giving away or selling promotional water bottles is cost-effective. Per the Environmental Protection Agency, buying that fancy pre-bottled water costs almost 2,000 times more than just using the stuff that comes out of your tap. On top of that, producing and shipping plastic bottles creates over 1.5 million tons of CO2 emissions each year. That’s worse than 300,000 cars stuck in a traffic jam on a California highway during the summertime! On the non-environmental side of the equation, loading up on water bottles for your business can be cost-effective for your budget since you’re buying them in bulk (and getting the bulk discount in the process). All in all, utilizing water bottles for marketing is good for everyone, from your accounting department to the Earth itself.

Good For Going Green

When you’re looking for a good way to go green in your organization, water bottles can help. You’ve undoubtedly heard the old catchy PSA, “recycle, reduce, reuse.” Well, that’s actually a fantastic idea, and using reusable water bottles can help you do just that! According to the National Resources Defense Council, the recyclability of water bottles and their ability to be reused multiple times make them much better for the environment. Not only that but using a reusable water bottle helps reduce the number of plastic water bottles that end up in landfills or the ocean. Using them, then, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and conserves resources. Reusable water bottles also help keep customers hydrated, which can improve their mood and productivity. When you want to decrease your and your patrons’ impact on the environment, reusable items like water bottles are one of the best things to use to make the world a better place.


The best part about using water bottles as promotional tools is how customizable they are. Not only do they look great with your company’s logo and contact info prominently displayed, but they’re also a practical way to market your brand. People who get your water bottles will be constantly reminded of your brand and anyone who sees them might become interested in your store. It’s a win-win scenario. So how do you go about choosing bottles for optimal marketing effect? Start by choosing a style of bottle that will be eye-catching and appealing to your customers. Some popular options include sports bottles, flip-top bottles, and stainless steel tumblers. These all offer a sleek design that can show off a customer’s personality. Then you should decide what you want to write on the bottle. Your logo should always be present, but you can also add taglines, your website URL, or even social media handles. Spend some time customizing your promo water bottles to get the most out of your next marketing campaign.

High Capacity

Water bottles are often used quite extensively by customers who receive them. It’s always nice to offer high-capacity water bottles. Offering bottles between 16 and 24 oz is ideal for helping folks stay hydrated. While water bottles can go much, much higher than that, these sizes are going to be more portable and easier to frequently refill. These sizes can help you get your daily recommended amount of water. If you’re using them as giveaways or prizes, make sure to choose a size that will fit comfortably in most people’s hands. You may also want to consider adding a carabiner clip for easy transportability.

Plenty of Options Available

There are many different types of water bottles on the market today. Some people prefer glass water bottles because they don’t contain any harmful chemicals and they’re easy to clean. However, others find that aluminum or stainless steel water bottles keep their drinks colder for longer periods of time. Plastic water bottles are the least expensive option, but some people worry about the health risks associated with using them. Ultimately, it’s up to each individual to decide which type of water bottle is best for them. Bottles are so versatile, that it can be tough to choose the right one, so consider offering multiple types to give your customers more options.


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