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How to Handle Being Accused of Sexual Misconduct

How to Handle Being Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Sexual crimes are very serious and often carry heavy penalties, for understandable reasons. Even if you manage to evade a lengthy prison sentence, you could suffer reputational consequences simply due to being accused of such a crime.

So what should you do if you’re accused of some form of sexual misconduct?

How do you protect your future?

Talk to a Lawyer Right Away

Your first responsibility is hiring a lawyer. Even if you know for a fact that the charges are false, and even if you have faith that it’s all going to work out okay, you need a competent lawyer at your side to ensure that you have a proper understanding of the charges against you and to maximize your chances of getting the results you want.

Your lawyer will help you at every stage of the process. They’ll help you better understand the context of your legal situation, gather evidence, and provide you with legal advice so you don’t make any mistakes along the way. The initial consultation with your lawyer will likely be free, so start calling sexual misconduct lawyers in your area to find a legal partner who’s a good fit for your needs.

Remain Calm (as Best You Can)

People often mismanage sexual misconduct accusations, in part, because they allowed their emotions to cloud their judgment. If you’re accused of a crime you didn’t do, it’s natural to feel scared, angry, and resentful, but you can’t allow these emotions to dictate how you act. As much as possible, you need to remain calm and focused on making rational, logical decisions.

Learn Everything You Can About Sexual Misconduct Charges

It’s beneficial to learn everything you can about sexual misconduct charges and how they play out in your area. Obviously, your lawyer can help you with this, but you can also spend some time increasing your familiarity with the subject. You don’t have to be an actual expert in the subject to gain an advantage; even watching YouTube videos and reading online articles on the topic can help you build your understanding. If nothing else, it should help you feel more confident and more comfortable in these circumstances.

Put Together Everything You Know and Remember

Regarding the actual charges, start putting together everything you know and everything you can remember.

  • Build a timeline.Try to construct a timeline. Where were you and what were you doing throughout these days and on individual days? Can you prove that you were in a certain place or with a certain person during the instance of the supposed crime?
  • Gather evidence.Gather as much evidence as you can to prove your whereabouts and your disposition. Photos, videos, and other pieces of hard evidence are especially valuable. Your lawyer can help you with this.
  • Identify holes.See if you can identify any holes in the story as told by your accuser. Is there anything that’s provably wrong?
  • Work on a witness list.You can also work on a witness list. Anyone who can attest to your whereabouts, your behavior, or your specific actions on specific days may be helpful in building your case.

Be Cautious of What You Say Publicly

Be extremely cautious about what you say publicly. You may be tempted to post on social media or engage with people via another channel to clear your name and state your own version of events. However, this can be risky; anything you say publicly could be used against you if you slip up even slightly. In most cases, it’s better to remain silent publicly. You can confide in your closest friends privately instead.

Comply With Scientific Testing (If Advised by a Lawyer)

If your lawyer advises you to do so, comply with any scientific testing that might be able to clear your name. Scientific tests aren’t always 100 percent accurate or reliable, but if the scientific testing aligns with your claims, you’ll be in a much more favorable position.

Manage Your Stress

When facing sexual misconduct charges, you’ll likely experience high levels of stress – so you’ll also need a plan to manage that stress. Outside of managing the case, make sure to eat full, healthy meals, get plenty of exercise, and participate in hobbies that reduce your anxiety and stress. Similarly, don’t be afraid to lean on friends and family members for support.

Being accused of sexual misconduct is a life-changing experience, but it doesn’t necessarily have to ruin your life. If you’re willing to remain calm and act rationally in the coming weeks, and you have a reputable lawyer at your side, you can maximize your chances of successfully defending yourself against these charges.


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