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Dolby Cinema vs Imax Which is Better?

Dolby Cinema vs Imax

Almost everyone is fond of movies here. Watching a movie in a theatre with pop-corns and cold drinks is a completely different experience. Nowadays, there are so many options to watch movies and all these options have unique characteristics.

Some features like Massive speaker systems, VR (Virtual reality) experiences, 3D movies take the movie experience to a next level. Dolby Cinema and IMAX like options comes in a mind to watch movie in a better way, but before choose theatre option among them, you should know what is the basic difference between them.

If you  know the basic difference between Dolby Cinema and IMAX then you can choose theatre as per your need while you can get to movie with desired effects on theatre screen. Because Dolby and Imax both have individual features, with that specialty they do movie projection on screen. Once you will get to know about Dolby Cinema Vs IMAX , then it can be easy for you to choose theatre for 2D and 3D movies.

Well, Dolby cinemas and IMAX must be present in your list of best movie theatres. But how do you feel confused about whether to choose Dolby cinemas or IMAX? here this article information will help you to decide which theatre  can be better for you to get realistic experience during the movie. Lets see how these two theatre differ from each other and what are the factors responsible for that.

Dolby Cinema vs Imax Which is Better?

Dolby Cinema vs Imax
Dolby Cinema vs Imax

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Important Factors about Dolby Cinema Vs IMAX

Every person should know about the basic difference between these two types of theatre platform i.e Dolby Cinema and IMAX, which are individually unique themselves. With the help of some basic factors you will get to see how they are different from each other, for more details you will need to read below given information.

  • Audio
  • Image Format
  • Image Quality
  • Film Process
  • Comfortness
  • Availability

Now lets see comparison between Dolby cinema and IMAX on the basis of above given factors, which are so important when you need to know difference between them.

Dolby Cinema Vs IMAX. 

1. Audio

Dolby cinema sound system gives more realistic feel to audience in theatre, you can get to see its upgraded version in to AMC Dolby cinema technology.

In to AMC Dolby technology transducers are usually installing into seat, while their capacity set to be with lower frequency. Here audience can get sound experience closely and clearly with some sound effects.

Here Dolby sound system works with around 64 audio channels it is quite high and enough to create more realistic atmosphere in theatre in the case of sound.

When you need to compare Dolby sound with IMAX then surely you can get best sound experience in Dolby theatre. Because IMAX Theatre sound system works with 12 audio channels and they uses top quality speakers than normal speakers.

Here one thing you should accept that Dolby cinema is always famous for its sound while AMC technology has totally change Dolby sound experience which makes more loveable and crowdy these days to Dolby theatre.

2. Image Format

When you go to compare between Dolby cinema and IMAX on the basis of image format, then one thing is clear that both of that theatre image format available with high brightness and contrast. You can watch 2D and 3D resolution movies in Dolby and IMAX theatre.

But some basic difference are enough to give option for audience like which one can be better for them. Here standard aspect ratio of image for Dolby cinema is 2:40:1 while for IMAX is 1:90:1. You may get to see similar color effects and resolution on both of these theatre screens, but here Dolby cinema resolution is 4 times higher than standard movie resolution.

While IMAX resolution is 3 times higher than normal theatre resolution, while they have IMAX laser and IMAX dome like technique about presentations. You may have seen IMAX 3D theatre, which runs in theatre only 3D picture quality movies. It is also the great and different kind of experience for audience.

If you want to compare between Dolby cinema vs IMAX laser picture format then IMAX laser projection gives 50% higher brightness than normal movie picture format. Image resolution is available in 2k resolution with double laser projection in IMAX, which is quite great thing here. Normally Dolby image format is available with 4k resolution.

Finally Dolby cinema and IMAX both doing individually great on the platform of movie representation in a theatre. But if you want to get good picture quality with sound then Dolby theatre can be always great option for you. While if you are dedicated viewer who prefer to watch only 3D format movie then IMAX 3D theatre can not be bad choice for you.

3. Image Quality

Normally in Dolby cinema theatre you can get experience of more realistic image on your theatre screen. Here Dolby system uses high dynamic range picture quality due to that you can see more clear and realistic image on screen. Since Dolby system has started to run movie in AMC theatre, there picture and sound quality upgrated far better than common theatre image quality.

In case of IMAX, normally their movie projection woks with 2k resolution while they use dual laser projection technology which gives higher brightness to image.

Recently 4k dual laser projection technique has introduced in theatre, but the unfortunate thing is that such type of theatre aren’t available every where.

For few days audience will need to wait for 4k dual laser projection theatre, until this technique reach on every place in to world. Best thing of IMAX is that they have dedicated theatre for 3D image quality based movie. while if you want to check Dolby cinema Vs IMAX 3D, like who is better among them then lets see which things are better in between them.

Normally Dolby cinema and IMAX both support to 3D quality image movie. You can get IMAX 3D theatre, who is dedicatedly projecting such kinds of movies. But in a actual, Dolby theatre picture quality is high dynamic range and they have higher image resolution and aspect ratio than IMAX.

Normally IMAX movies projection happen with dual laser techniques, whose brightness and contrast is same like Dolby system.

Here when you choose IMAX 3D theatre to watch movie then you will get movie only into 3D image format. While same facility you will get in Dolby theatre also, where you can get to watch movie in 3D image quality.

Now conclusion of this explanation is if you prefer to watch movie with 3D picture quality and no Dolby theatre available around you then you can choose IMAX 3D theatre otherwise there are not that much big difference among Dolby cinema and IMAX 3D.

4. Film Process

fortunately nowadays you can get to watch 3D movies also in Dolby theatre, since Dolby becomes Dolby AMC plus you can get experience of movie on new innovative way.

Here sound and image quality is fabulous, while seating arrangement are far better than normal movie theatre.
Though Dolby theatres are considered as a solely 2D movie destination, but nowadays you can watch 3D movies also in Dolby theatre, where you can get everything up to the mark.

IMAX theatre runs both 2D and 3D movies in their theatres, while they have dedicated theatres for 3D movies. In other words we can say that world widely IMAX is well know for their 3D movies theatre, which is quite impressive.

5. Comfortness

Those who loves to watch movie with comfort for all of them, Dolby theatre can be always great option. Here sitting arrangement in Dolby theatre are so much comfortable with wider chairs. You can watch movie as you like to recline on chairs, this sitting arrangement gives more relaxation to your back.

In IMAX theatre you will not get that much specious sitting arrangement where every time you will need to adjust in between people. Here every time you will try to fit yourself on chair to watch movie.

6. Availability

When we need to see the difference between IMAX and Dolby theatre, that time one thing is sure that worlwidely IMAX have more theatres than Dolby.

You can get to see more than 1500 IMAX theatre around the 80 countries of the world. To compare of IMAX, Dolby have very less theatres in to the world, you may get to see up to 197 Dolby theatres around the world.

Even into USA you can get 127 Dolby theatre with AMC, while rest theatres are available into other major countries of world.

Basic Information About Dolby Cinema And IMAX.

  1. Dolby Cinema

So we will first take a look at Dolby cinemas,  Dolby does take the movie experience to a different level. It uses dual 4k laser projectors and produces 4 times more resolution than that of the standard quality movie. The contrast ratio and brightness by Dolby are also very high in comparison to the standard quality movies.

Since Dolby uses laser projectors and not lamps, the projection will be much clearer, i.e black would appear black. If lamps are used, black appears like dull gray. This technology is called Dolby Vision, in short, Dolby gives a much more realistic effect in comparison to others.

Dolby is not just leading in picture quality, but it is also praised for its sound capabilities. Dolby’s sound system is called Dolby Atmos. It uses something called surround sound, i.e Dolby enhances your movie experience by surrounding you with movie sounds from every direction. To your right, to your left, in front or behind or under you, you have sound effects from everywhere.

The design of Dolby theatres is the cherry on the cake to have your best movie experience. Dolby offers a 3D format which is much better than the standard 3D format.

2. Imax

Now its time to take a look at IMAX, it is known for its massive screens. Screens at IMAX are way bigger than that of any other movie theatre. So if you are fond of big screens, IMAX should be your choice. IMAX also uses 4k laser projectors and has an upgraded sound system.

IMAX also offers 3D which is good comparatively. For the films made with IMAX high-resolution cameras and specifically made for IMAX theatres like “Tenet”, you will get your best experience watching that movie only in IMAX theatres.

The IMAX Experience takes you to a different world. The theatres are designed in such a way that each individual experiences the movie to the fullest.


World widely Dolby cinema and IMAX both are very much famous movie theatre platform. Where individually they provides some special facilities for audience, you can check basic difference between Dolby cinema and IMAX on the basis of some factors. If you wish to get know is Dolby better than IMAX or not then you can get reference from this article to get clear idea about them.

Frequently asked questions about Dolby Vs IMAX

Q. What is the basic difference between IMAX 3D and Dolby Cinema?

Ans: In Dolby cinema theatre you can watch 2D movies or sometimes 3D movies. But in IMAX 3D theatre you can watch solely 3D movies because IMAX has specially made that theatres to run 3D movies only.

Q. What is the image format aspect ratio for movies on Dolby Cinema and IMAX?

Ans: Dolby Cinema – Aspect Ratio is 2:40:1 and IMAX – Aspect Ratio 1:90:1.

Q. How many IMAX theatres are available world widely?

Ans: More than 1500.

Q. How many Dolby Cinema theatres are available world widely?

Ans: 197.

Q. Dolby Cinema or IMAX, among them which theatre can be comfortable for you to watch a movie?

Ans: Dolby Cinema.


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