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American Home Shield Service Request

American Home Shield Service Request

American Home Shield Service Request

American Home Shield Service

Basically, home shield service which is also known as ‘home warranty’ is an annual service contract that owners take to cover the repair or replacement of important home appliances. A home warranty covers parts and labor of almost all major home systems and appliances. This kind of warranty helps the owners to avoid unnecessary expenses that they might have to makeover an unexpected home system and appliance breakdowns.

There are various companies in the market that are offering similar services but American Home Shield is the best of all. We at American Home Shield have spent more than 45 years providing services to our customers and protecting their budgets from unexpected breakdowns of home appliances. All you need to do is make an American home shield service request online and you are good to go.

If we talk about the numbers, more than $2 billion in warranty claims have been paid from our side to the customers in the last five years.

How American Home Shield Home Warranty Works

  1. Pick your coverage plan: American Home Shield offers n number of plans to their customers regarding home warranties so that it can fit your home and budget. Our clients can either choose from our range of plans or they can even customize their own plans as per their household needs and their budget.
  2. Flexibility to set Trade Service Call fee: With American Home Shield service you have the flexibility to choose how much amount you wish to pay when our engineers visit to diagnose your faulty appliances. One can easily choose from various plans available, eg. $75 per service call, $100 per service call, etc.
  3. American Home Shield Service Request: Whenever a covered item with our company misbehaves or becomes faulty, you can either make a service request or call us by phone. You can contact us at any time as we are available 24 hours. All you need to do is just pay your Trade service call fee at the time of making an American Home Shield Service Request.
  4. A pro will be assigned to you: As soon as we receive your service request with your Trade service call fee, we will assign a local contractor from our team who will diagnose the problem and will provide a solution. We have our network in 49 states.


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