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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Questionnaire

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Questionnaires

In today’s article we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a Questionnaire, but before we can reach that point, let us first know what are Questionnaires.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Questionnaires

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Questionnaires

What is a Questionnaire

A questionnaire is an instrument that is designed to collect data from users. The data includes asking individuals a set of given oral or written questions. Though it sounds a bit like a Survey, it is different from it.

Advantages of Questionnaires

Questionnaires are a practical approach:

Questionnaires are one of the practical ways to gather data about a specific situation. Besides being managed in various ways, questionnaires can also be put up to specific groups of your choice. The thing that a questionnaire can be asked in many ways adds practicality to it.

Questionnaires are inexpensive:

The most important thing about questionnaires is that they are the most affordable practice to collect quantitative data. Self-administered questionnaires do not require any kind of surveyor team to conduct interviews, and they are the cheapest way to gather information. Questionnaires can be either emailed directly to the users or can be placed on the websites to collect results.

Questionnaires are quick:

Questionnaires are one of the faster and easier methods to collect details about specific information. It is used along with online and mobile tools to fetch quick details. Within 24 hours, one can gain as much information as is required with questionnaires.

Easy results analysis:

The most important advantage of putting up questionnaires is that the results provided by them are easy to analyze and visualize. The built-in tools that are used make results analysis easy with questionnaires.

Questionnaires are effective:

The results provided by the questionnaires are most active. These results are achieved to make changes to a set of information or program according to the audience. Questionnaires do not require any additional statistical software.

These were some of the important advantages of the questionnaires now let us move towards the disadvantages of the questionnaires.

Disadvantages of Questionnaires

Unreliable answers and dishonesty:

While there are many advantages to the questionnaires, the negative part is the dishonest and inaccurate answers provided by the users. There are times when users provide dishonest answers which can affect the results of a certain questionnaire.

Unanswered questions:

Besides providing dishonest answers, there are times when users will not answer some specific types of questions which will ultimately be left unanswered by them. Such type of situation will also affect the result of the questionnaire.

Misinterpretation from users end:

As questions in the questionnaire are not presented face to face by an individual, there are chances that a user may misinterpret some questions and will answer them in a different way. There might come some questions which are clear from the creator end, but users may find them difficult to answer.

Analysis problem:

Questionnaires may include various types of questions including multiple choice questions which can be tabulated and graphed, but along with them, there are open-ended questions too, which are quite different for the users to answer. With open-ended questions, users may face analysis problems, and they might not answer them efficiently.

Accessibility issues:

One of the major disadvantages of questionnaires is the accessibility issues that the users may face while taking the questionnaire. These include visual or hearing impairments, illiteracy along others. These accessibility issues can also modify the desired results of a questionnaire.

So these were the advantages and the disadvantages of the questionnaires that we have discussed today. Through questionnaires are important for achieving some of the important information, it must be put up effectively to avoid its negative side.


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