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Why Your Child Needs Homeschooling Tuition?

Before schools and classroom teaching became the norm, the usual way of being educated was a one-on-one teaching method. The educators today need not follow a specific mode of education alone and can experiment with various schooling methods.

There is no particular rule on educating children. It is not a hard and fast rule that only those children can succeed in life or get into college who have completed their primary and secondary education from a formal school.

Homeschooling involves taking your child’s education in your own hands, and instead of making your child learn in a controlled environment of a formal school, you educate your child at home. You can teach your child yourself at home, or you can hire a tutor to take care of your children’s schooling needs.

If you have been exploring the reasons why your child needs home school tutoring, this article suggests a few benefits for you.

homeschooling advantages

Why Your Child Needs Homeschooling Tuition?

  1. Individual Attention

One obvious advantage of home tutoring is individual and personalized attention. In a conventional school, there is only one teacher for 15-20 children, and it is not possible to address every query or difficulty at an individual level. Such a situation can result in frustration and sometimes lack of interest on the child’s part.

If you know your child does not perform well in groups, it would be good if you choose for your kid homeschooling. A homeschooled child gets exclusive attention and in most cases learns effectively and gives promising results.

Several studies have proved that students learn better in a smaller students-to-teacher ratio. When a child is being tutored at home, the tutor/educator will not move to an advanced level until the child has mastered the basics.

  1. Identification of Strengths and Weaknesses

When you are tutoring your child at home or having your child mentored by a professional, then there are better chances of discovering his or her strengths and weaknesses. It may be difficult otherwise to identify that a child is strong in natural sciences but weaker in humanities in a traditional school setting.

Alternatively, you can easily identify such a scenario in one-on-one tutoring. The tutor teaching a single child will be aware instantly that a child is struggling in geography or is unable to grasp the concept of arithmetic. Moreover, the tutor would be in a better position to help the child develop other interests in a homeschooling setting.

  1. Personalized Space

Many believe that homeschooling is for children with special needs because they need a personalized space for better understanding and performance. Personalized space, however, is the need of every child. Children may perform well in certain activities in a schoolroom, but a personalized space offers more opportunities for growth.

A child is free to explore and experiment without the fear of reprimand or detention. Personalized space affords that opportunity more than a schoolroom.

  1. Flexible Teaching Schedule

When you choose to tutor your child at home, then you can select any schedule that suits you and your child. You do not need to send your kid to school early in the morning when the child is not even mentally and physically active in most cases.

Usually, the early morning routine of schools is such that the children do not even have time to eat the most important meal of the day, the breakfast. Starting the day at your own pace is excellent for both the physical and mental health of your child.

Furthermore, the child does not have to study each subject daily for a specific duration. Everything can be adjusted to the needs, strengths, and weaknesses of your child. If your child is struggling with some concept, more time can be dedicated to it. This opportunity is not available in a traditional schooling environment.

  1. Efficient Learning

Learning is more useful for a child who gets homeschooling. There are fewer distractions, so your child gets the best chance to learn new concepts. Moreover, there is not the pressure of competition or getting ahead of someone.

The child learns at own pace without fear of failure. A home tutor or parents schooling the child at home know the child well enough to decide the right amount of work on a weekly or monthly basis.

This system doesn’t over-burden a child with tests and assignments of every subject. It does not mean that there is no mechanism to test a child’s knowledge in a homeschool environment. There are periodic quizzes and assignments, but they are designed and spaced in a manner that allows for efficient learning.

  1. Parents’ Involvement

A child who gets tuition at home is under the direct supervision of parents. The parents can get an instant report on the child’s progress and also provide immediate feedback.

They can also exclusively inform the tutor to work on specific areas in the child’s learning. It is effective for overall growth and development of a child’s mental capabilities. No one knows a child better than his or her parents, therefore, having them on board at all times is integral to the holistic education of a child.

  1. More Free Time

When a child goes to a conventional school, there is a strict and disciplined routine that affords the child little free time during the day.

The study hours take up most of the daytime, and there is little or no time available to the children to spend outdoors. Spending little to no time outdoors for weeks and months is detrimental to both the physical and mental well-being of the kids.

Homeschooling solves this problem as well. Since you can decide a flexible teaching schedule for your child, you can also allocate some time every day for outdoor activities. Interactive learning in the outdoors is both learning and leisure for your child. The child will have more free time to indulge in other constructive activities.

  1. Knowledge-Focused

Homeschool tutoring is more knowledge-focused than traditional school tutoring. Your kid would not have any pressure as regards grades and can dedicate time and effort in learning the concepts and gaining insights on different subjects and ideas. In the end, it is the knowledge that helps you in the practical field, not your grades.

Therefore, knowledge-focused home tutoring is the best strategy for a person’s success in the actual world. The homeschooling also allows the tutors to address the child’s questions, which in turn encourages the child to learn more and internalize the concepts he or she has learned.

Home school tutoring may seem a complex idea to adapt initially, and your child may also feel the pull of a conventional school for peers and other fun activities. You can get your children enrolled in a sports or community club to fulfill the needs of a company and other activities with their age fellows.

However, as far as academic learning is concerned, it is a great strategy to realize the full potential of your child as explained above.


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