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Why You Need an Employer Branding Strategy

Why You Need an Employer Branding Strategy


As the job market continues to be competitive, employer branding is a crucial strategy for attracting and retaining top talent. Not only does it help you get better candidates in the door, but it also helps with retention and overall company culture. If you’re looking to grow your business by hiring top talent, then you need an employer branding strategy – here’s why:

It’s vital during the recruiting process

Employer branding is about more than just attracting talent; it’s also about retaining it. A strong employer brand can help you attract top talent in the first place, but it also helps you retain employees who have already joined your company. After all, if people are happy at work and feel like their lives outside of work are enriched by their jobs, they’re going to be less likely to leave.

Employer branding isn’t just a way to attract talent; it’s also a way to position yourself as a leader in your industry by positioning yourself as someone who values culture and innovation over everything else (even if that isn’t really true).

Branding helps you attract top talent

One of the most important reasons to invest in employer branding is that it can help you attract top talent. According to our research, the top five things that attract people to employers are:

  • Benefits and perks – having a strong benefits package is a great way to attract top candidates.
  • Location – people want jobs close to home or where they have roots, such as college towns and cities with strong family ties.
  • Company culture – having an office culture that supports work-life balance makes employees feel valued by their employers, which makes them more loyal and engaged in their work!
  • Compensation – pay should be fair for your industry/location/role – whatever drives you as an organization will help you attract talent! You should also look at flexible work arrangements if possible (they’re great) but don’t forget about non-monetary compensation like flexible schedules or telecommuting options that could help meet the needs of your employees

You’ll get more referrals

If you want to find good people, referrals are one of the most effective ways to get them. Employees who refer candidates are more invested in the hiring process, and their candidates tend to have higher rates of engagement and retention. If you’ve got a solid employer brand strategy in place, it will be easier for your employees to spread word about your company through their personal networks.

Branding helps you increase retention

You should know that employee retention is a strong indicator of employee happiness and satisfaction. The happier your employees are, the longer they will stay with your company. And in business, employer branding can play an important role in helping you increase employee retention rates.

In fact, it’s one of the strongest predictors of success in business today. According to Gallup’s State of the American Workplace Report: Employee Engagement Insights for U.S. Business Leaders (2016), companies with engaged employees outperform their peers by 75% in sales growth, 58% in profitability and 46% in market share growth over five years!

You’ll win in a competitive market

When you have an employer branding strategy in place:

  • You’ll attract the best talent.
  • You’ll be able to compete with other employers.
  • You’ll be able to attract the best talent.

In a competitive market, you need to give potential candidates as many reasons as possible for why they should choose your company over another one. An employer branding strategy can help you do this by showing off your unique culture, highlighting how great it is to work at your company and highlighting what makes it different from other companies out there.

Employer branding helps you attract and retain top talent and position yourself as a leader in your industry.

Your employer brand is part of your overall business strategy and it’s important to understand what it means for your employees.

Employer branding helps you attract and retain top talent, position yourself as a leader in your industry, and win in a competitive market. In other words, people are interested in working for companies with strong brands because they know they’ll have access to resources that will help them advance their careers.


We hope you now understand why employer branding is so important for the future of your organization. It’s not just about attracting new talent—it’s about retaining the people who are already on board. Branding is a powerful tool that can help you achieve your business goals and grow as an employer, so don’t hesitate to get started today!


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