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Why “Just Sold” Postcards Are So Effective

If you own a house or live in a neighborhood where most people own houses, you might have seen a postcard in the mail showcasing a “just sold” property from a real estate agent. Of course, if you’re a real estate agent, you probably know these postcards well – they’re a highly effective marketing strategy designed to introduce you and your business to new people.

What is it about just sold postcards that makes them work so well? And how can you make these tactical mailers work for your brand?

Why “Just Sold” Postcards Are So Effective

What Is a “Just Sold” Postcard?

A just sold postcard is a piece of marketing collateral, usually in the form of a postcard, showcasing a real estate agent or a real estate agency. The idea is to demonstrate a property (or several properties) that has recently sold. Typically, the postcard includes a photo or two of the property in question, along with the sale price and location. It also typically includes the literal words “just sold.”

In addition, most just sold postcards feature a photo of the real estate agent who presumably sold the property, along with their contact information. This way, the postcard serves as a convenient way to generate leads; the postcard piques the interest of the recipient, who is then motivated to contact the agent.

The Benefits

There are several benefits to this postcard marketing strategy:

  • Getting involved in the neighborhood. For starters, this is an easy and fast way to make a good impression in a specific neighborhood. After selling a property in a specific neighborhood, you can send a postcard to all other homeowners in that neighborhood. Over time, this strategy can help you become known as an expert in this specific area, lending itself to real estate farming.
  • Showcasing real results. These postcards also make a great impact because they showcase real results. You aren’t announcing your presence as a real estate agent, and you aren’t leaning on the years of experience you have. Instead, you’re marketing yourself based on the actual sale price you were able to get for a real piece of property.
  • Giving an idea of price range. Another interesting element of just sold postcards is that they give existing homeowners an idea of the price range they could get when selling their own property. If a neighbor’s house sold for $400,000, they’ll wonder if they could see a similar sale price – and they’ll be more motivated to contact you for more information, accordingly. Once people start fantasizing about the money they could make from a sale, they’ll be much more interested in moving forward.
  • Targeting the right audience. If you build the right mailing list, postcard marketing can be a great way to contact only the people you’re most interested in reaching. You can segment your lists by geographic area and target your recipients with fine-tuned precision.
  • Introducing yourself casually. Just sold postcards are a low-pressure and casual way to introduce yourself as a real estate agent. You’re not desperate for leads, nor are you trying to pressure someone into working with you; you’re merely illustrating something you accomplished.
  • Cultivating real estate interest. It’s also helpful to generate interest in real estate, generally. People who see a property get sold will be more interested in both buying and selling properties, stimulating real estate market activity that can keep agents busy for years.

How to Make Your Just Sold Postcard Better

If you’re a real estate agent looking to design and print your own just sold postcards, there are several strategies that can help you make your campaign more effective:

  • Look at the competition (and do something different). You’re not the only agent trying to market themselves with postcards. Study what your competitors are doing and find a way to differentiate yourself.
  • Include information on the property. Make sure you provide recipients with some information describing the property. A few photos are always a good idea, and you’ll also want to list the sale price.
  • Include a headshot. Offer a professional headshot of yourself. People are much more likely to call you if they know who they’re contacting.
  • Offer something for free. If you want people to respond to your postcard, give them something for free in exchange. For example, you can offer a “free consultation” to discuss a sale strategy.
  • Give multiple forms of contact information. To maximize your potential response rate, provide recipients with multiple forms of contact information; a phone number and email address are a great start.

Just sold postcards are just one of many marketing tools at your disposal. Integrate them with other marketing strategies to start developing familiarity and expertise in a given area – and get creative to stand apart from the competition. 


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