Home Information What Software Do Contractors Need for All the Building Phases?

What Software Do Contractors Need for All the Building Phases?

What Software Do Contractors Need for All the Building Phases?

It goes without saying that each industry or niche obtains phases to structure all the processes and operations. For example, the building sector consists of three main stages to take into account. They are pre-construction, construction, and post-construction. Each of them has its own peculiarities that can be covered by best-matching software.

Yes, sure, there is a range of digital tools that meet the criteria of all the building phases. Among them are CRM and BIM systems. Data processing and modeling properties are required for pre-construction, construction, and post-construction stages at once. Nevertheless, there is specific software that is applied only at the beginning, at the end, or during the building process namely. For example, construction costing software is hardly applicable for the post-construction phase – this is the way to automate and improve the pre-construction stage.

The same story is about closeout digital tools together with ones for final reporting and management tasks. The contractor will use this software only for the post-construction phase while leaving these tech solutions without attention to the pre-construction and construction stages.

Top Software for Pre-Construction, Construction, and Post-Construction Phases

If you are searching for a way to gain a competitive edge in a market player (a competent and result-driven representative of the building niche), it is high time to implement the best-matching software. Together with cross-functional digital tools like communication apps, CRM systems, or modeling programs based on the BIM algorithms with 3D, 4D, 5D, and 6D designs, there is a range of specific tech solutions suitable for one of the following stages:

  • Pre-construction;
  • Construction;
  • Post-construction.

Let’s take a closer look at the most helpful software for each building stage. It will be possible to pick sides with the optimal digital tool for your business faster and more hassle-free with the competent tips from experts.

1 – Pre-Construction Software

The list of recommended software that can level up your performance quality, reputation, and area of competence contains three tech solutions.

All of them are required for the pre-construction phase. These digital tools are cost estimating, takeoff, and bid management software. Speaking about costing tech solutions, it is worth noting that smart algorithms are required to automate estimating and financial forecasts.

Then, the takeoff stage takes place. The software allows users to compare all the generated costs and present a general costing picture based on the blueprints. Only digital estimating and takeoff software allows contractors to avoid human-factor errors in their reports and other documentation provided to the clients (read – potential customers during the tendering stage).

Finally, the bid management system is required. The building company should obtain a powerful bidding background that is easily managed by digital tools. For example, bid management software will be helpful for the organization of communication channels between GCs and subcontractors.

2 – Construction Software

Two top-priority software for the construction phase is project management digital tools and accounting programs. Today, it is possible to find tech solutions with a range of helpful options for narrow-direction specialists.

For example, project management software can contain task trackers, time tracking options, spreadsheets for workers to fill in their statistics, report templates, and many more.

Speaking about accounting digital tools, they can be integrated into the existing construction systems. For example, estimating and bidding software can contain accounting features to compare predicted costing data and real figures in the financial reports. Project management programs can be also combined with accounting options (calculations, job costing analysis, fact-checking, comparing budgets, etc.).

3 – Post-Construction Software

The closeout software is required for the post-construction phase. The main task is to automate all the reporting properties and warranty management facilities. This way the final stage of the project handling will be well-organized and will not bring unpleasant surprises when the object is handed over.

To sum up, the automation of all the processes is one of the most in-demand approaches in construction. Digital-friendliness of contractors and building companies, in general, is the way to speed up operation handling and improve the accuracy rates in the context of on-site and office tasks (measuring, calculations, estimating, bidding, costing, etc.). The above-listed software variants are a must for pre-construction, construction, and
post-construction phases.


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