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What Should Be Your Digital Marketing Routine

Digital marketing is a growing industry. It is now growing more than ever before. However, what a lot of businesses don’t realize that it is not that easy. There are huge agencies built around this work. A lot of business owners would assume that social media business management is the same as managing one’s personal account.

That is nothing but a lie. And again, they assume that social media content is simply dummy content. It does not matter what you share, it just has to be sophisticated enough to portray your brand.

Digital Marketing Routine

Digital marketing strategies, when created and executed carefully, can lead to immense increase in sales.

This is because social media has got people’s attention today. And this is why it will be of great value to advertise on the internet. And it is not just the social media.

Internet marketing is huge. You have got your website, YouTube and whatnot. You can do email marketing for your business. Search engine optimization is important for your business.

Likewise, great graphics and video content are of value to visitors. If you have what it takes to generate a digital presence, digital will be very lucrative for you.

Here is a step by step guide on how you should create a digital marketing routine for your business:

Learn about the problem

The first step in any marketing strategy should be to know what your business’s problem is. It does not need to be a problem per se but anything you are trying to achieve basically.

This means that if your business is not selling as many burgers as it should, your problem is a fewer burger sales. If your business is not being recognized by a lot people, that is something to note down. If someone does not like your product, write it down. Everything should be systematically listed down.

Focus on solution

As much as it is important to know problems, the focus has always been on the solution for a marketeer.

This is because your whole job is to make sure that your business is able to find solutions. Once you have a list of all the problems you have, create a second column.

This is where you should list down all your solutions. Now, remember your solutions can be generic or specific. And make sure that you list down 2- 3 solutions for every problem.

So if your business is not recognized by a lot of people, a generic solution is to focus on branding. A more specified answer to this problem would be to start color coding your digital platforms and creating a theme.

Start planning

You have a problem and you know its solution. How do you move forward? It is pretty simple. Create a plan. Planning is super important in digital marketing. You want to be able to tell what you are doing and why you are doing what you are doing.

Strategy is super important. Don’t just go and shoot arrows in the dark. If you are creating a blog post or sharing something on social media, everything should reflect a reason. Create a planner that will focus on overcoming all of your problems.

Few things to note is that your strategy is not limited to problems and solutions. There is more to it. Take budget for example. One solution may cost you 500 dollars but the other may cost you 50,000 dollars. Which one should you go for? You should look at your budget. Then take into account time.

How long do you think it is going to take to solve your problem? It may take you 3 months to get your Facebook page up and running but search engine optimization can take up to a year. It comes down to the resources you have and channels you need to leverage.

Content with strategy

In digital marketing, content is as much important as is the strategy behind it. You should have a little bit of month abilities. Focus on content and see what results it can drive. And build strategies and see how you can translate them to content. You should understand the power of content creation. In 2019, content is the king. This is mainly because content has an influence.

How should you write content for a better strategy? Use paraphrasing tools, proofread grammar using grammar checker, and check plagiarism before final submission.

A website that is professionally created and its graphics look awesome, people would want to think that it is a credible source. But the same can’t be said for a poorly created website. Content goes along with strategy. Following strategy given in the image should be practiced:

Digital Marketing Routine


Once you have your marketing strategy and content ready, it is time to execute. You would want to post certain images at certain periods of time. You would want to leverage certain platforms over other. Execution is super important in digital marketing. You should be able to stay firm and consistent in your execution as well. Try to keep a record as you apply all these strategies and share all this content with your audience.

Tracking results

The one thing that is so great about marketing, and digital marketing in specific, is that you have amazing tools that will help you track results on the web.

This means that you will share a piece of content and after some time, you will be able to tell that how well that content has performed for your audience.

Not only that, you will also be able to compare the results of your current campaign with the results of your past campaign.

Once you have the results pouring in, you can start making amendments in your strategy as well. At the very beginning of your strategy creation, your ideas are not very much backed by research unless you are a big firm. So as the process keeps on repeating, you will have data to look at.

If you follow all the above steps in creating and executing your digital marketing strategy, you will be able to perform very well for your business on the web.


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