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What is the function of google drive

 Google Drive

Google Drive is a free, cloud-based storage service that facilitates users to store files on its cloud storage. On this storage, you can sync documents, photos, PDF, audio files, office files, etc.  Google Drive provides you 15 GB of space to save all types of files and folders.

Open an internet browser and type drive.google.com or simply My Drive Google. Enter your Mail Id and password to enter into the drive and you can get access to your personal Google Drive, where you can see: Files and folders which you upload or sync. Google Docs, Slides, and Forms you create.

Google Drive: Free Cloud Storage for Personal Use

What is the function of google driveFunctions of Google Drive

Upload files and folders from your computer to Google Drive: You can upload, sync, view, share, and edit files with Google Drive. When you upload a file (maybe documented, images, audio, or video) to Google Drive, it will consume some space in your Drive.

Create files in Google Drive

  • Work with Office Files.
  • Create, edit, and format Google documents, sheets, and slides.

Share and organize files

  • Share files from Google Drive.
  • Share folders from Google Drive.
  • Give ownership of your file to another person.

How to access Google Drive to Open files

Follow simple steps below

  • Go to drive.google.com
  • Enter your Username and password.
  • To view any file, double click on it.
  • If you open a Google document, sheet, slides, form, or drawing, it will open using that application.
  • When you open a video, PDF, Microsoft office file, audio file, or photo, it will open in Google Drive.
  • You will at anytime need to access files that you have synced or uploaded on Google Drive. You can access those files using any browser.
  • Open any web browser, like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.
  • Type drive.google.com and press enter.

Accessing Google Drive from PC

When you install Google Drive on your computer, the Google Drive folder will be automatically created at a default location; otherwise, you will need to save a file by giving a specific path to that file. The default path for finding the Google Drive folder is as below :

  • In PC: C/Users/Your username/Google Drive
  • In Mac:  /Users/Your username/Google Drive

Note: Backup and Sync facility is not applicable in the Linux operating system, because Google does provide its service as an official client.

Accessing Google Drive from Mobile or Tablet Device :

  • Install the Google Drive app from the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS).
  • Open Drive app on your Smartphone or Tablet and search files.

Google Drive applications

The most important feature of Google Drive is its collaboration with other Google and third-party apps. You can find complete the list of apps on Chrome Web Store or can download it from G Suit Market. Using web applications, you can access and open your files anywhere. To open files with these apps, you will need all recent Backups and Synced data. You can keep the app default for accessing the files.

  • Go to drive.google.com
  • Log into your Google account with your username and password.
  • Right-click on any file you want to open.
  • Move your cursor to Open with option.
  • Choose an application.

There are multiple applications available on Web Store according to varied uses.

  Google Docs Google Slides Google Sheets  Google Drawings
Google Forms    Google Script Slide Rocket    Pixlr Express
PicMonkey Pixlr Editor Floorplanner   HelloFax
Lucidchart  Cacoo Hello sign Hojoki
Gantter Balsamiq Mockups Marquee PDF Mergy
Conceptboard MindMeister and many more

Google Drive Security :

Google Drive data is secured with Transport Layer Security (TLS) standard. User data is unencrypted and re-encrypted with 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standards (AES) when it reaches Google. All the AES encryption keys are encrypted, which provides extra security coverage for user’s data. Relevant tag: How to Secure Google Drive, Best Tricks About Google Drive. Relevant Categories: Web Services, Technology. plagiarism score: The uniqueness of the text- 42.9%.


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