Home Business What Are Some of the Worst Digital Marketing Mistakes? 

What Are Some of the Worst Digital Marketing Mistakes? 

What Are Some of the Worst Digital Marketing Mistakes?

Do you want to draw more visitors to your site? You’ll have to earn a higher Google rank and to do that, you should focus on building links, writing great content, and not committing the digital marketing errors we list below.

Ignoring Smartphone Users

Almost everyone has a smartphone in his or her pocket today, and we use it for everything from making calls to texting to shopping. So your website must be appropriately designed to display well on all cell phones.

Why is cell phone optimization so vital? Because most of your competitors’ sites are set up for it, and if yours isn’t, you will bleed visitors and say goodbye to lots of revenue.

Not convinced yet? How about this: in a recent survey, 50% of respondents said they were less likely to buy from a company they liked if the website wasn’t easy to use on a smartphone.

Also, experts stress that your site must also load fast and be simple to navigate. If your website hangs for three seconds every time a user clicks a link, they’ll bailout.

Not Writing a Blog and Updating It Often

As always, content is king in Google ranking, so every website has to have a blog with informative content. The reason is that interesting blogs engage readers and build traffic.

We know that companies that include a blog receive 95 percent more inbound links, which boosts traffic.

When you do your blog, write informative posts often: at least one or two per week. And open comments on each blog post so you can interact with your community. Writing new blog posts gives you material to share on your social media channels.

Failure to Emphasize SEO

Search engine optimization is how prospects find your website on Google and other search engines. If your firm isn’t spending time and money on SEO, it will be harder for users to find you online, and you’ll end up losing many leads for sales.

One of the biggest blunders new companies commit is to spend a bundle on SEO for a month or two, see little results, and decide to chop the SEO budget. Wrong!

SEO efforts may take months to have an effect, so to do it right, perseverance on your part is more likely to pay off. The most vital tactic for proper SEO is to perform keyword research. Getting the right keywords identifies the searches your potential customers are pursuing.

Once you know those keywords, you can mix them into your blog pages, so they show up in Google when users type those terms. Planning your site and blog content around vital keywords is an effective method of generating a steady stream of leads and visitors.

You should take the time to pinpoint the search methods consumers are using, as well. This means talking to your team about the questions customers ask.

You should also learn what you can about your competitors. When you’re armed with this level of information, you can tweak your pages with SEO so they’ll land higher in searches.

Targeting Too Big of an Audience

Many businesses make a fundamental error by targeting too many audiences in their digital marketing. There’s plenty of data to support this approach, but it will have a negative effect.

If you want more sales, you need to define your audience precisely. Knowing what your audience needs and desires is vital to promote your products and services in a way that will get them to buy from you.

Of course, you also might target too small an audience and not attract enough potential customers to keep you afloat. It’s crucial to find that middle ground.

For example, suppose your company sells online webinars. In that case, you’re aiming for too large of an audience if your marketing aims at a broad array of webinar subjects, from gardening to basketball to car design to home construction.

It’s better to connect with a niche audience that depends on webinars to do their job in a specific field. Thus, if you target your marketing towards professionals who need to stay updated on pharmaceuticals and medical devices regulations, you should have a large enough audience, but not too big.

If you don’t make the mistakes in marketing above, you’ll be on your way to business success!


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