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Wetpour is one of the most popular soft surfaces used in playgrounds

Popular surface for playgrounds most of the time under sings and jungle gym where kids play and then sometimes kids fall and it is preferred over most and has been tested to be safe and clean.

It may be safe in the lab that children play on playgrounds and not in laboratories so must remember. It is the way happens when mulch gets wet and compacted.

Rubber flooring

Some of the mulch that is being marketed like playground surfacing is the same product used to mulch gardens. Rubber flooring will be helpful to give us area that is safe and sound while playing very easily.

What are the benefits of playground rubber flooring?

Basic thing is that floors made from the recycled rubber and offering the advantages we can have easily.

Actually rubber flooring are easy to walk,

It is recycled rubber products are extremely durable,

No colors and patterns giving flooring a stylish appearances,

Lots of playground rubber surfaces are non skid and safe for children and adults,

Playground rubber surfaces are non skid and safe for the children to play,

Stain resistant and easy to clean,

It is having superior sound absorbing characteristics will make floors ideal for playgrounds,

Eco friendly, recycled product, made from tires which is high demand by environmentally conscious,

Traditional grass surfaces

It is very difficult to maintain in the harsh environment and any cricket tragic will tell you and then at about the whole day there in a test match and was quite obvious how much damage had been done. It is a grassed tennis court and is just difficult to keep in peak condition through a long and scorching summer.

The accurate surface materials

Actually having well maintained and appropriate playground surfacing significantly lowers the risk of injury and when kids taking a tumble. So as like that in order to be safe and surface under all the playground equipment should be soft. There is a variety of playground impact absorbing surface materials. Each has strengths and weaknesses there are different things should perform.

Wet pour rubber surface installation

Depth of rubber depends on the use of playground and minimum should be twenty mm for a run around area.

Basic thing is around the play equipment the fall zone and critical height fall guide depth of flooring and the whole base is hard for example made of tarmac or concrete.

A hard base can also be removed to allow laying the new surfacing level of proper foundations.

Resin bound stone

It is colored resin bound stone and can be used for driveways and paths to and from playgrounds. It bounds stone is hard wearing compound with non slip characteristics making it a popular type of surface for different locations.

It is the way also compound and is also available in a variety of different colors to give a unique aesthetic appearance. We should also never use abrasive scouring pads or steel wool on rubber playground flooring.


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