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Webcams: All You Need To Know About The Most Advanced Piece Of Communication Technology

Human beings have come quite far as a species, we have technology on our side. From the time when the first phone was invented during the 1800s to the present day, where we have devices which can help us communicate with each other, we can even see the person we talk to, it doesn’t matter if he lives halfway across the world. Webcam is the device which lets you see the people you talk to.

This, of course, can only be possible if you and the person you want to talk to have webcams and computers/laptops to see each other.

Apart from personal uses, webcams also have several other uses. For example, it can be used for academic purposes (distance education), it can be used for security purposes and much more.

These unique little devices are becoming all the more popular, and for good reason.

Webcams can be extremely useful. One big example, when the coronavirus pandemic started. Webcams, basically, kept every sector going on. Without webcams, there would be no office meetings or conferences, there would be no classes. The world would have seen a very different situation, if there were no webcams.

More About Webcams

Webcams are being used now more than ever, especially since the covid-19 outbreak. When the pandemic started, there was a spike in the demand for webcams and devices with webcams (laptops).

A lot of people ordered online and the rest bought it from the stores. But here’s the thing, no matter where you buy it from you have to perform a complete webcam test to make sure it is working properly.

That includes the mic test as well, your webcam is as good as the mic present in it, if the mic isn’t good enough, then the individual on the other side of the call will not be able to hear you. Unless, you’re buying an external microphone with it.

Infact, buying an external microphone is recommended, this way you’ll have clear and crisp audio.

Types Of Webcam

There are two different types of webcams.

They are called embedded webcams and external webcams. The primary difference between them is that the embedded webcams come in-built in devices like laptops and the external webcams do not come in-built.

Moving further, if your work heavily relies on audio-visual communication then getting an external webcam is the best thing you can do.

With an external webcam, you can basically place it anywhere you want. You can angle it in anyway you want.

Most of the laptops on the market have poor-average webcams, which means the quality of the webcams are not that great. But if you buy a laptop from the higher end of the price range, then you will get good quality in-built webcams.

But most individuals prefer buying an external webcam with a headset, this way they ensure the best audio and video quality. A lot of online gamers, and content creators use the combination of webcams and headphones.

Choosing A Webcam

If you’re looking for a laptop then, you have to go with whatever you get. But if you’re looking for a webcam, then there are certain things you should know before buying it.

Explained brief, here are a few things you should know about before buying a webcam

FPS (Frames Per Second)

Frames per second is the determinant of the pace at which the things on-screen move. Although the minimum FPS is 15fps, you should go for 30fps, especially if you want top quality video streaming.

With 30fps, you should also have a good internet connection to support the quality and speed.


Megapixel is the determinant of the quality of the image/video. Actually, most of the webcams that are available in the market offer good video quality. But here’s the thing, quite a lot of the webcams have 320 x 240 or 640 x 480, these are good quality. But if you want better quality, Then you should look for cameras with 1280 x 720 or a webcam with 4k resolution.


As mentioned earlier, mics are as important as the webcams themselves. Use should always perform a mic test.

But again, as mentioned above, the best thing to do is to buy an external microphone to go along with the webcam. This way you can get clear audio and you do not have to sit right in front of the webcam. You can roam around and still talk to the individual on the other side.

Furthermore, with a microphone you can hear the other person better.


As previously stated, there are several applications for a webcam. It can be used in almost every industry. It can be used in the educational sector, business sector, security sector, medical sector, and many more.

The monitoring of malls, offices, and other private and public places becomes much easier. Webcam meetings in the office can also save some time. It can also be used for surveillance in every sector.

These are the professional uses of webcam, but apart from that, as you already know, it can be used for the purpose of communication. You can use it to talk to your family and friends, no matter where they live. This is one of the most advanced pieces of technology that helps us make our lives easier.


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