which are the best Countries for Immigrant Entrepreneurs?

Canada tops the list of most attractive OECD countries for start-up founders, according to a new report.

Canada offers permanent residence to all successful start-up visa applicants from day one, along with a thriving start-up ecosystem and a welcoming society.

The United States, France, the United Kingdom, and Ireland are the next best options, but they have some drawbacks in terms of migration policy and visa conditions.

Japan and Israel rank low despite having excellent start-up environments, due to the difficulties faced by immigrant entrepreneurs in obtaining permanent residency and bringing their families.

A common feature of leading start-up nations is the high share of immigrants among start-up founders, who contribute to innovation, job creation, and economic growth.

Start-up visas are becoming more popular among OECD countries as a way to attract high-potential entrepreneurs and compete in the global market.

Start-up visas typically require applicants to have a business plan, a mentor or an incubator, and a minimum amount of funding or investment.

Start-up visas also vary in terms of duration, renewal, eligibility criteria, and benefits for spouses and children of start-up founders.

Start-up visa holders may face challenges such as finding suitable partners, accessing local networks, adapting to different cultures, and complying with regulations.

Start-up visa holders may also have opportunities to learn from best practices, access new markets, leverage diverse talent, and scale up their businesses.