WhatsApp’s new feature will let you hide your location from callers: Here’s how it works

WhatsApp is testing a new feature to protect users’ IP address during calls

The feature will route the call through WhatsApp’s servers, making it harder to track users’ location

The feature will also compromise a bit on the call quality due to encryption and routing processes

The feature is called “Protect IP address in calls” and is available in the settings for call privacy

The feature has not been officially announced yet and is only seen in the WhatsApp beta for Android update

WhatsApp recently released a new "Silence Unknown Callers" feature in its settings, which is designed to enhance users’ privacy and security on the platform

The feature will give users more control over who can call them and access their location information

The feature is one of the many steps that Meta is taking to improve WhatsApp’s user experience and trust

The feature is expected to be rolled out to all users in a future app update