What’s new in AI: Music, language, blockchain, security, and e-commerce

In the world of Artificial Intelligence, advancement is happening almost daily. 

In such situations, it is necessary to keep with what's going on in the world of AI, so that you are not left behind.

Here are some of the new events or things happened in AI.

Google and Universal Music are in talks to start an AI-powered music service that will license artists’ melodies and voices for songs.

IBM will host Meta Platforms’ AI language program Llama 2 on its watsonx platform, a business tool that offers an AI-integrated workflow.

Microsoft partnered with blockchain-based firm Aptos Labs to create new business tools that will use AI technology on the blockchain infrastructure.

BlackBerry updated its Cylance AI engine, which claims to enhance threat prediction capabilities for organizations by 40 percent.

Simpl, a startup that offers a 1-click checkout network, announced an AI-powered checkout suite to eliminate cash on delivery for its merchants.