What is GPT-4.5 and when will it be available?

GPT-4.5 is a theorized stop-gap next advance in OpenAI’s language models, following on from the highly successful GPT-4 model

GPT-4.5 would use more data and parameters than GPT-4, which has 1.8 trillion parameters and data from 2021.

GPT-4.5 could be faster and run on smaller devices than GPT-4

GPT-4.5 would have web search and plugins built-in, and maybe new abilities like video analysis and native functions.

GPT-4.5 has no release date yet, but some think it could be ready by late 2023 or early 2024.

OpenAI says that it is not working on GPT-5 and says it needs more safety and security checks.

However, OpenAI has filed a trademark for the name GPT-5.

OpenAI has also launched a web-crawling bot that will harvest information from the internet for training future language models