The American Startup That Is Building A Hypersonic Jet For 90-Minute Flights Between New York And Paris

Hermeus, an American startup, aims to develop a hypersonic jet that can fly from New York to Paris in 90 minutes or less.

The jet would carry 20 passengers and reach five times the speed of sound, or 3,850 miles per hour.

The company plans to launch its first flight in 2024, and deploy its drone, Darkhorse, for military and surveillance missions in 2026.

The company has raised USD 119 million in funding and has a valuation of USD 400 million.

The company’s founders have extensive experience in the aerospace sector and have worked on air-launched liquid rockets for hypersonic flight experiments.

The company faces technical challenges such as heat and aerodynamics at high speeds beyond the sound barrier.

The company hopes to transition to its final product, Halcyon, which will be a commercial hypersonic aircraft for business travelers.

The company envisions a revolutionary advancement in air travel by reducing the travel time between major cities across the globe.

The company follows the practices of space startups, aiming to keep costs low and address the problems of hypersonic flight step by step.

The company has earned a place on Forbes’ list of the top 25 venture-backed companies poised for potential billion-dollar valuations this year.