The Amazing New Feature in iOS 17 That Can Replicate Your Voice

Personal Voice is a new feature in iOS 17 that can help your phone sound like you.

It is designed for users who may lose their ability to speak due to ALS or other conditions.

You can create a Personal Voice by reading and recording 15 minutes of text prompts on your device.

The feature uses on-device machine learning to generate realistic voice results.

You can use your Personal Voice with Live Speech, another new feature that lets you type and speak during calls or conversations.

Live Speech works with phone calls, FaceTime, and in-person chats.

To set up Personal Voice, go to Settings > Accessibility > Speech > Personal Voice > Create Personal Voice.

Find a quiet place and hold your device about six inches from your face.

Read the random sentences that appear on the screen in your natural voice.

You will get a notification when your Personal Voice is ready. You can then select it and use it whenever you want.