Tesla robot can now do Yoga, Namaste and More

Tesla Posted a Video giving updates about the Tesla Bot "Optimus".

Optimus can perform simple tasks like sorting blocks and self-calibrate its limbs using vision and joint position encoders

Optimus also demonstrates Yoga postures and greets with a Namaste in a video posted by Musk

Optimus has the same AI software and sensors as Tesla’s advanced driver assistance system called ‘Autopilot’

Optimus may cost around $20,000 and is made for mass production in the “millions” of units

Optimus has a 2.3 kilowatt per hour battery pack, runs on a Tesla chip, and has Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity

Optimus has human-like hands that are suitable for picking up objects of various shapes and sizes

Musk says Optimus will be a fundamental transformation for civilisation as we know it

Optimus is equipped with audio support and hardware level security features

Optimus is not yet peer-reviewed and may face regulatory challenges