OpenAI’s new chatbot is here, but there’s a catch

OpenAI introduces ChatGPT Enterprise, a new version of its popular AI chatbot for businesses1.

ChatGPT Enterprise offers enhanced privacy, security, and functionality for business users2.

ChatGPT Enterprise removes usage caps, performs faster, and allows longer inputs and files3.

ChatGPT Enterprise provides unlimited access to advanced data analysis and customization options4.

ChatGPT Enterprise users have full control over their data, which won’t be used to train GPT5.

ChatGPT Enterprise allows users to input company data to train and customize ChatGPT for their specific needs.

OpenAI plans to introduce another tier of usage, called ChatGPT Business, for smaller teams in the future6.

ChatGPT Enterprise is the latest development in the AI arms race among the tech giants7.

ChatGPT Enterprise competes with other chatbot apps and features from Google, Microsoft, Meta, and others.