Nigerian producer creates a mini miracle with AI apps and Afrobeats

 Nigerian producer Eclipse Nkasi used AI apps to create an Afrobeats album .

 He used OpenAI’s ChatGPT to generate lyrics and titles , then modified them to fit his theme

 He used another AI tool to generate the tunes , then recorded vocals and fed them into another app - which changed his voice into the album’s singer

The virtual singer is Mya Blue who appears online as a computer animation

 The album is “Infinite Echoes” with nine tracks , including “God Whispers”, “Love Tempo”, and “Dream Chaser”

Nkasi said AI was an opportunity, not a threat, and that it helped him create music faster and cheaper.

The album took three days and $500 to produce , compared to thousands of dollars and months for a traditional album

Nkasi said AI does not replace what we have, but gives a new experience and helps him create music faster and better

Nkasi hoped AI would help artists reinvent themselves and do their work better and quicker

 The technology is transforming the music industry, but there are challenges and uncertainties.