Meet the RoboDog: A new companion for the visually impaired

Students at ETH Zürich are developing a robotic guide dog for the blind.

The RoboDog is based on a commercially available robot with additional sensors and hardware.

The RoboDog can navigate autonomously in an unseen environment and avoid obstacles.

The RoboDog aims to compete in the ICRA 2024 Quadruped Robot Challenges in Japan.

The RoboDog is not meant to replace real guide dogs, but to provide a cheaper and more accessible alternative.

The RoboDog is part of a larger project to create AI innovations for autonomous cars and drones.

The RoboDog project is led by PhD student Davide Plozza and supervised by professors from ETH Zürich.

The RoboDog project is inspired by the social and emotional benefits of real guide dogs.

The RoboDog project faces challenges such as ensuring safety, reliability, and user acceptance.