Meet the AI chatbot that is helping doctors at Tel Aviv’s largest hospital

AI has been contributing greatly to the healthcare industry, and here is one more great example.

el Aviv Sourasky Medical Center is the world’s first hospital to integrate an AI chatbot into its triage process

The chatbot is part of the clinical-intake tool created by Israeli startup Kahun

The chatbot allows patients to communicate using natural language to communicate with patients and assess their condition.

The tool then presents doctors with a summary of their condition, diagnostic suggestions and next steps in care

Kahun’s AI system uses a proprietary database of more than 30 million evidence-based medical insights

 The tool aims to relieve medical staff burnout and improve the quality of care for patients.

 The pilot scheme will be in use in the emergency department at Sourasky, which is Israel’s largest acute care facility with 1.8 million patient visits per year.

 The AI-based triage aims to relieve the burden on medical staff, improve patient care, and prevent burnout.