How to Hack Your Senses and Achieve More in Less Time

Do you know that our senses affect our attention and task performance.

Sensory cues can refresh our minds and bodies, and help us do deep work.

We need to shape our surroundings to suit our sensory preferences.

Here is how to hack your senses and achieve more in less time.

A clean workspace sparks creativity, a messy one drains energy.


The right sound boosts mood and performance, distracting noises turn us off. We can use white noise, headphones, or music to create our sound environment.


Sweet foods enhance creativity and cognitive flexibility. A sweet smoothie can boost our productivity in the afternoon.


Tangible objects help us cope with distress and engage our senses. We can use fidget spinners, weighted blankets, stress balls, or other tactile items.


Aromas provide sensory relief and creativity. We can use candles, diffusers, or essential oils to invoke smell.


Movement stimulates blood flow and brain activity. We can take breaks to stretch, walk, or exercise.

Lighting influences our circadian rhythm and energy level. Natural light is optimal, but artificial light can also be adjusted.