How AI is transforming the UK workplace – for better or worse

The UK government is planning a summit on safety in artificial intelligence, amid concerns 

However, the government has been less keen on scrutinising the impact of digital technologies on workers' rights, wellbeing, and skills.

AI is already changing many aspects of work, from automation to surveillance, in various sectors and industries.

Amazon claims that tech in its fulfilment centres has reduced the physical burden on employees and freed them up for more sophisticated tasks

However, Amazon workers say that tech monitoring has increased the pressure and intensity of their jobs.

Many workers face the threat of automation, surveillance, and deskilling as a result of the adoption of AI and other connected tech in their workplaces.

Workers have little say or control over how these technologies are used, and often have to resort to privacy laws to challenge unfair or discriminatory practices.

The current employment protections and regulations are inadequate to address the challenges and opportunities posed by the "fourth Industrial Revolution".