Google’s ambitious AI plan- From life advice to creative writing

Google is testing its AI tech with various assignments, such as life advice, ideas, planning instructions and tutoring tips.

The AI tech is the result of merging Google’s DeepMind and Brain AI teams, and shows the company’s ambition towards AI.

The AI tech could help users with personal and professional challenges.

The AI tech could also generate scientific and creative writing, help journalists write headlines, and find patterns from text.

Google’s own safety experts warned in December 2022 that taking life advice from AI could result in a loss of agency and a mistaken belief that the AI is sentient.

Google also said in March 2023 that its AI tool Google Bard was forbidden from advising users on medical, financial, or legal matters

If Google builds these capabilities into its AI tools, it will mark a striking turnaround and raise questions over whether it prioritizes primacy in the AI race over users’ well-being.

A life coach is not the only AI-based tool Google is working on.There are many other AI tools that it's working on.

Yet even ideas like these were criticized by Google just months ago when the company said there was a risk of “deskilling” creative writers through the use of generative AI.