Experience 3D like never before with Sony’s Spatial Reality Display

Sony launches a new product in India called ‘Spatial Reality Display’, a monitor that displays 3D content without glasses or VR headsets.

The display can reproduce spatial images in 3D as if they were real, allowing users to see the depth, appearance and texture of the object.

The display measures 27 inches and has a 4K resolution. It supports 10-bit processing, 100 per cent Adobe RGB colour gamut and can upscale 2K content to 4K.

The display also offers improved facial tracking and recognition that tracks the viewer’s eyes to provide a more comfortable experience.

The display uses high-speed sensors for processing images and has low latency to minimise the effects of motion blur and crosstalk.

The display also lets users switch between viewers, enabling two people to stand or sit in front of the screen and alternate the optimal viewing angle without having to change their position.

Sony says it has optimised the display for use in fields like industrial design, surgical planning, engineering, architecture, and more.

The display also includes a ‘Spatial Reality Display Player’ app that will enable users to playback various 3D file formats.

The display currently supports Unity, OpenGL, DirectX 11, DirectX 12 and Unreal Engine as software development kits (SDKs), with support for OpenXR coming later this year.