Don’t Fear AI, Embrace It: A Guide For Professionals

AI will transform the roles and skills of professionals, especially in higher-paying fields that require analytical and creative abilities.

Professionals in AI-exposed industries do not fear job loss, but rather see AI as a helpful tool that can augment their human capabilities.

CIO of Procter & Gamble, Vittorio Cretella, says AI will amplify human skills, not replace them, and calls for more investment in talent and upskilling employees.

Human-centric skills such as curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, compassion and collaboration are essential for working with machines and exploring insights.

Problem definition is where humans can make the greatest difference, by asking key questions and identifying patterns before jumping to algorithmic solutions.

P&G’s approach is to start from the job to be done, and use the power of AI to find the answers that improve business outcomes.

Technology alone does not change things - people do8. The future of management is with an AI-savvy generation of business leaders who are curious and unbiased.

AI is not a threat, but an opportunity to redesign your career for the age of artificial intelligence and unleash your potential.