Beware of the dark web chatbots: How AI is making hacking easier than ever

 AI chatbots like ChatGPT have taken the world by storm.

They can help a lot, in many different tasks, so there are many advantages of using these tools.

However, there is a growing concern of negative or dark sides of these AI tools.

 Hackers and scammers use ChatGPT clones on the dark web for criminal purposes.

Outlaw chatbots can generate phishing emails, malicious code, fake identities and more.

The chatbots can trick victims into giving up their data or infecting their devices with personalized and targeted campaigns.

The chatbots are cheap and easy to use, enabling more people to become hackers.

The chatbots threaten the security and privacy of individuals, businesses and governments, as they can exploit data and mimic trusted entities.

 The chatbots are hard to detect and trace, making cybercrime prevention and prosecution difficult.