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6 Video Games that Help Exercise and Expand Your Brain

Playing video games is not often correlated with making you intelligent or enhancing your brain. A vast majority of kids, even adults, are fond of playing video or online games. Without a doubt, it is one of the most engaging activities there is. It even gives kids a strenuous workout for their brains.

Video Games for Brain Exercise

Such strenuous brain activity comprises of mastering multiple cognitive and motor skills since players need to use their motor and intellect capabilities to win a game. Their minds are fully adaptable to the pressure by physically and mentally growing. In fact, numerous studies suggest that playing video games is like doing an exercise for your brain.

Brain Exercise Games

If you want to have some brain exercise, below are popular video games that will certainly put your motor and cognitive skills to a test. Check them out.

Sudoku Game

This is truly an addictive game. It is a number placement game that completely relies on your capacity to memorize. In order to complete the game, you need to look forward and follow a series of consequences. Adding number 6 in a certain box, then on the next box is 8, and 4, etc. The strategizing and planning contribute to improving short-term memory as well as concentration.

Sudoku is a famous brain game that is available for everyone to play on paper or online. A lot of books that offer sudoku games as well as websites that you can play any time too. Apps are also available if you want to play it using your phone or tablet. Sudoku can be played by difficulty stage level. Start with the easy stage first, once you get familiar with the game, you can level it up.

Happy Neuron

This one is actually a website that offers tons of activities and games divided into 5 different brain sections — attention, executive functions, language, memory, and visual. The training is personalized to track your development and fit your needs. The game itself is even based on scientific research.

However, this website is not free. You need to pay a monthly subscription fee to use its features. Happy neuron also provides a free trial, so you can see for yourself if the game suits your preference or not.

Call of Duty

This one is indeed a great and popular FPS (First Person Shooter) game. It puts you in intense futuristic battlegrounds where new war tactics and high-tech weapons are used to win the game against other players. This includes modern vehicles too, like hoverbikes with specialized drones.

As per a recent study conducted by the University of Rochester, shooting enemies in video games can give you better vision, surprisingly. In a study made in 2009, expert gamers who played FPS type of games experienced a boost of their sensitivity function or the ability to detect slight changes in an image’s brightness or contrast.

brain exercise games
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It is a science-fiction game with real-time strategy. You will get to encounter different alien species and combat them to achieve dominance in the game. Every species is comprised of various fighting units available and needs numerous game strategies to win every battle. Every game has resource management that will create and sustain units.

According to a study, playing starcraft can enhance the flexibility of your brain, this is the ability of the brain to assign resources under shifting circumstances, which experts referred to as a human intelligence’s cornerstone.


The goal of this game is to escape from an evil laboratory utilizing only a single tool — a portal gun. It produces a single orange and a single blue portal, only one way for entry and one way for the exit portal at a given time. If you enter into the orange portal, you will go out from the blue portal, and vice versa. This game needs you to plan every step out to successfully escape traps.

Every game set differs and as you progress, the feasibility of the portal gun develops as well as the puzzle’s level of difficulty. You can complete every puzzle with a lot of possible solutions. You also need to use your comprehension well and act not only using your logical sense but your creativity as well, as you use the portal gun.


A type of game that allows you to build your own city and do various tasks of urban planning. You get to play for different zone lands, such as commercial, industrial, or residential development wherein you build and maintain transport and utilities as well as public services. SimCity effectively teaches you how to control limited resources and to manage complicated decisions that may have consequences.

Video games


Who says playing video games is just for kids? It’s never too old to play one, most especially if you want to give your brain a good exercise. Not only it will benefit your mind, but you will also get to enjoy every game you experience.

Also, to obtain the best gaming experience possible, it’s good that you get a network faceplate. It makes sure that your cables are out of reach so your game won’t be disrupted while playing.


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