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Use of WP Reset on a WordPress website

If you are a thematic and plugin developer, you must be well aware of the WP Reset plugin that helps to reset a Site’s database to default values immediately without touching the WordPress filesystem.

All configuration and content can be reset to default with the help of this plugin. WP Reset is one of the best and most important plugins for theme and plugin developers. Testing and debugging are accelerated with a simple and effective method of setting default values and re-testing coding.

The WP Reset is secure and smooth to use. Several multiple fail-safes and secured methods are integrated into the plugin so that the user does not remove his valuable data accidentally.

WP Reset
WP Reset

WP Reset on a WordPress website


Here are some of WP Reset plugin features. This section will also clear some issues that one might have while using WP Reset plugin.


  1. Any posts, pages, and categories, post types, comments, media postings and users that you have posted on your website will be deleted completely.
  2. All the default WP database tables of your site.
  3. The same prefix is set for all tables in wp-config.php with the same prefix tables as for the default table.

All these items give you a fundamental idea of what happens when using WP Reset. You can have the same idea about https://wphtaccess.com and you will get a lot of information on how you can combine both the plugins and make the best use of each other.

wordpress plugin


  1. The Media Files– uploaded in WP-upload will remain intact. However, they won’t be listed under the “Media” section.
  2. YOUR DOCK FILES; plugins, subjects, and all uploads will stay in place.
  3. No changes to the site title, WordPress address, website address, website language, and engine visibility will be made after reset.
  4. The user whose name is at the top of the user base will replace the currently logged in user.

What If You Click On The Reset Button?

  1. You’re going to be asked for confirmation gain because this change is not irreversible.
  2. Changes will not affect the site title, WordPress address, site address, site language, search engine view settings, and current user.
  3. You will be logged out and logged in.
  4. If you have opted to re-enable the WP reset after the reset is finished, it will be re-enabled.



WP Reset supports WP-CLI and helps reset WP assistance with CLI commands. The controls have to be confirmed by default, and the —yes flag will be used to maintain the confirmation.


Database Snapshots functions as the primary tool for the website development, but WP Reset developers should use an alternative tool to back up live websites.


With the multi-site reset, you can reset multiple sites at once from the network manager.


If you’d like to test an old WP version feature for it and then switch back to the new version later, WP reset has a feature to do that.


There are some partial reset tools that WP reset offers to reset some configuration. However, this tool does not affect the following configurations:

  1.    Deleting of transients
  2.    Permanently deleting media files
  3.    Remove plugins
  4.    Theme customization reset
  5.    Delete themes
  6.    Empty or removes custom tables
  7.    Delete .htaccess file
  8.    Bulk installation
  9.    Nuclear reset

Final Words –

Well, That’s it from us on part of features and brief introduction of WP Reset. Please let us know if we have missed out on any of your favorite feature or if  your favorite feature is already stated above in the article.


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