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6 Tips to Keep Your Mac Optimized

Mac optimization

Mac Optimized

All computing devices slow down over time, and Macbook is no exception too. It is no wonder that after a while, you can start feeling how your usage becomes less pleasant. Sometimes even to the point when you seem to want to get rid of your computer as soon as possible.

However, this does not mean that you have to start looking for a new one. Macbook can be pretty reliable and can last quite a long time. All you need to do is to take good care of it.

So if this kind of situation already seems familiar to you, try the following tips to see how you can speed up your device.

Have free space left

Mac storage

One thing that can have a critical effect on your computer’s performance is the amount of free space left. There are several reasons why you should always watch your mac storage.

First off, Macbook always generates additional files while you are using it. They are known as cache files and are required for the system and applications to operate quicker. Their function is to store values of recent operations, to let apps reach them faster.

Second, if you are always on the edge of free memory, you are risking losing your data. That is because the system does not have enough space available to store temporary files necessary for proper operation. As a result, this can lead to unexpected errors, and the immediate system shut down. In the worst-case scenario, you might even have to use a data recovery tool to get back your files.

To prevent this from happening, always be aware of how much room you have in your storage. If you have a sizable collection of photos, videos, or music, better transfer them to cloud or additional storage. Save the disk space only for essential stuff, like applications or documents.

Perform regular restarts

Many people are used to closing the lid when they finish their work instead of doing a full shut down. But that is quite a bad habit to have, which can cause your system to slow down over time.

The problem is that when you close the lid, your computer only enters sleep mode. It means that files created during system boot-up are still running. Although they help the system load faster next time, it also increases the chances that the system will run into problems.

Therefore, the best practice is to shut down your computer completely every time you finish your work with it. Doing so, you can not only expect fewer errors but have a smoother running system.

Stay up to date

Maintaining your Macbook up to date is especially critical for proper system work. New updates are released continually to fix issues related to system performance, patch security holes, and even add extra features. As a result, you get not only a more stable performance but improved user experience too.

So, whenever you see a notification informing about new updates, try not to ignore it. However, there is another thing to know. Before jumping straight on them, better to make sure there will not be any compatibility or other issues. Sometimes, developers miss errors, which leads to problems after updates. To avoid any problems, better wait several days before installing new updates.

Reduce clutter on the desktop

If your desktop screen is in a complete cutter, you should be concerned about it. Many icons on the desktop can cause your macbook to become slow and even unresponsive.

To better understand what causes this problem, you should know how the Macbook deals with it. In general, every single icon on your desktop represents a separate window. To be able to render each one, mac requires resources. If the number of those icons grows large, your computer may start to struggle.

If you do not want these to happen, reduce the clutter on your desktop. Leave only the most essential items that are necessary for your daily work. All the other stuff like photos, videos, etc., should be kept in their dedicated places.

The best way to be sure you have nothing unnecessary left on the desktop would be to try to go to the Desktop folder and look there. Sometimes, items on the desktop can be hidden.

Avoid overheating

Like every computer, Macbooks are sensitive to overheating. It is especially critical when you load your system with a bunch of tasks, and it has to operate at maximum power. In particular cases, this can damage your computer parts irreversibly.

To not run into such troubles, you should always keep your computer clean. Any excessive dust or dirt in the working area can clog up fans pretty quickly. Also, try to avoid blocking vent holes. For instance, do not drop your computer on the bed so that all the vents are covered.

If you still experience high temperatures, a great solution can be to buy a cooling pad. Most often, older systems tend to heat more because their heating insulation components get aged over time.


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