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The Advantages of Solar Street Lights

Solar powered street lights

It is not wrong to call solar energy the new nucleus of the electronic world. With its ever-increasing popularity and unprecedented advantages, solar energy has found innovative applications in many fields.

A lot of damage has been done as a consequence of the emissions of greenhouse gases and now we must reevaluate our choices and opt for more earth-friendly options. Solar energy has long term benefits for the world and is an eco-friendly alternative to conventional energy sources. This is one of the reasons for the popularity of solar street lights.

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Street Lights

The importance of street lights is undeniable but they are difficult to install and expensive to maintain. Using solar street lights in place of conventional ones is a very convenient and cost-effective solution. Solar street lights have many advantages, the following are a few important ones:

Environment Friendly

This one is a major advantage. Unlike conventional street lights that get energy from the utility grid, solar street lights are grid-independent. This means they are not dependent on electric energy produced from fossil fuels and harms the earth. Solar street lights use only sunlight as an external source to function and as an output, they do not emit any harmful gases or residue.

Solar energy is also called green energy. Switching to solar street lights also means fulfilling one’s social and moral responsibility. Going solar is one of the primary solutions to fight global warming. The invention of solar energy has paved the path to more earth-

friendly energy production. Hence, we should all switch to this green energy and leave a better legacy behind for the generations to come.

Convenient To Install And Maintain

Unlike traditional street lights, solar street lights do not require wired connections to the grid. This saves huge cabling costs. Also, solar street lights come in one box with all their accessories, and by just reading the manual, one can easily install them.

The main parts of solar street lights are a rechargeable battery, lighting fixture, solar panel, and a pole. The installation process is easy to understand and not dangerous.

Solar street lights require minimum maintenance. You will not have to pay to get them fixed every other month because they are very durable. With solar street lights installed, you can just relax and enjoy their efficiency.

So, why waste your time while looking for the right electrician and grumbling over the cost of maintenance? You can have solar street lights and free yourself from all the discomfort that comes with grid-dependent street lights.

Landscape Friendly

It is often difficult to put street lights at every dark corner of the city or a remote island. Carrying a wire from the grid to a mountain just to light a bulb, is far from being cost-effective. Well, solar street lights are an affordable solution to such problems.

If the land you live in gets plenty of sunlight, then you can install a solar street light anywhere you like, without having to carry and install a huge bulky cable.

This is also good for the environment because most cables are insulated with plastic, and we all know the harmful effects of emissions from plastic factories.

Reduces Risk of Accidents

You must have witnessed fallen poles and wires of conventional street lights on the ground, which sometimes lead to unfortunate accidents. solar street lights function without any wire connected to the grid. Hence, they are a hundred times safer for the community compared to the traditional style of street lights. So, why not light up our street with more safety?

Saves Energy Costs

Another very charming advantage is the cash you get to save if you switch to solar. Solar street lights are dependent on sunlight only, which means no bills from any utility company. Most of the street lights in a country are owned by the government. By going solar, they can save a lot and use that money for some other better cause. Also, the solar panel used in solar street lights lasts as long as 20 to 25 years. This makes solar street lights a much better option.


Street lights consume a lot of electricity because they are powerful and many in number. Every park, street corner, garage, and lawn has to be properly illuminated to ensure a safe society. Sadly the production of electricity used in street lights has very adverse effects on the environment.

Choosing solar street lights is a great way to play your part in saving the earth. Solar electricity is not only eco-friendly but also cost-effective. The all-in-one solar street lights are intelligently designed to be compact and easy-to-use. So free yourself from the hassle and switch to solar!


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