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4 Improvements to Make with Your Small Business Hiring Practices

Whether you’re looking for your first employee or your twentieth, the hiring process at your
business should be constantly improving to help you grow a high-quality team in the most
efficient manner possible.

Small Business Hiring

Figuring out where to start is less obvious though. When you’re taking a look at past hiring
failures, think about what measures could have taken to flag that potential outcome. But if you
have less experience to go off, we recommend starting with these 4 areas for improvement:

Be Better Prepared

Companies big and small make many of the same mistakes when they approach the hiring
process, one of them being failing to prepare properly. After all, how can you expect to find the
perfect fit if you’re not completely sure what you’re looking for? Unfortunately, it isn’t enough to
put up a generic job posting and hope for the best.

Your preparation will play a large role in the quality of applicants your receive. So, to make sure
you’re doing the necessary work on your end, here are a few recommendations to strengthen
your job listings:

  • First create a list of the necessary skills and duties for the job role. Is are the must-
    haves included? Is there anything that’s negotiable?
  • Write up a brief but descriptive summary of the position. Does it cover the basic
    functions and requirements of the job?
  • Take a step away and then come back and review it. Are there points that could be
    clarified? Does this posting accurately represent your business and the type of individual
    you want to hire?
  • Carefully select where you will begin your search. Are there certain sites or
    professional recruiters other businesses in your industry use? Is the position highly
    skilled or entry level? How professional do you want to appear

Use High-Tech Solutions

Fortunately, today’s online resources are constantly growing and that means you have plenty of
tools at your disposal to make hiring much more efficient, including:

  • Background check report: Gone are the days where you have to wait around for a
    week to get back the results of a pre-employment check. Instead, you can use fast-
    acting services to get results within minutes and make sure you can secure that great
    candidate in time. Note: Before you conduct any background checks, make sure you get
    permission from the candidate first.
  • Job boards: While getting referrals from other employees can lead to great applicants,
    they usually aren’t a big enough resource pool, especially when your business is in the
    earlier stages. So how do you find the most qualified candidates? Online job boards will
    make your search much easier and help you review candidates’ information in real time.
  • On-boarding training: Once you’ve brought a new team member on-board, you’ll have to
    do some training. While some things you’ll have to teach them one on one, there are a
    plethora of training sites that you can use to get them up to speed as soon as possible.
    You can also have the final candidates completed skill-based online exams to test their skills.

Get the Team Involved

Hiring for Small Business

Want to make sure your next hire jibes with the rest of your team? What better way to do that
then have them meet before you make the final call on hiring someone. Getting different
perspectives on candidates can help you see potential issues you hadn’t noticed before, weigh
the pros and cons of one applicant over another, and have the chance to take note of things you
didn’t observe when you performed your solo interview.

It will also help bring your team together and help make them feel valued since you are taking
their opinion into consideration (especially because they’ll likely be working more closely with
them than you will).

Offer Good Benefits

As you likely know benefits are the magic word when it comes to drawing in talent, or at least
one of them. While you might think your options are limited because you’re a small business,
there are plenty of affordable options for setting up a good benefits package. And, your
company culture can go along way. Keep in mind that just like you have options, they do too.

So, when you’re looking for employees make sure you’re selling your business and all you have
to offer, especially if you provide extra benefits like work-from-home days, a stocked kitchen, or
a pet-friendly office.

And remember, take your time with the hiring process. While you might really need someone to
help out ASAP, often finding the perfect addition to your carefully curated team is worth the


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