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How To Setup AngularJS Development Company and What To Look When Hiring

Hello, readership! No doubt that now is a bit tough to start a business, but at the same time it sounds challenging, huh? Well-developed and thought-over plan with precise structure may open the opportunity to create something great and ambitious.

Those who have a desire to develop and move his or her business on, should keep in mind that each great product consists of hundreds of little things you have to pay attention for, because nowadays, just the creation of something can never be enough.

Yes, the center of your business universe will always be directly your product. But without advertising, offline placement like office, promotion in social media space and mobile or web application it can’t offer the full picture of what you are selling to your potential clients.

Setup AngularJS Development Company

Nowadays, in times of severe competition in the whole marketplace, the last point that is about mobile or web apps is especially in trend.

From my point of view, having a mobile application is equal to having more clients. If you already have a website, which is more than likely, think seriously about adding some kind of application for the mobile platform.

In order to bring this idea into life you should find a front-end professional development company. You may ask “Which one to choose?”.

My best personal experience is with AngularJS development company, because this framework is one of the most suitable ones for almost all the requirements you might have.

“Okay, thank you for the recommendation of the companies. What am I supposed to do with them?”, the question may stuck in your head. You have chosen the team of developers and it remains to set up their work.

This short guide is meant to help you with the organisation of the people you hire and will give you the understanding of the right assigning of the responsibilities for them.

1. Settle a cooperation

First of all, you have to settle a cooperation by applying to the development company and explaining your idea of the application.

Try to be as straight as possible, so that the software engineers could create a product according to all of your requirements and provide the best software development services.

But in case you have no ideas, that’s alright. That is why the team consists of professionals – they can advise you what may better present your business.

When you setup the work of the employees, you should make the business process consistent and totally transparent.

2. Talk over the price and the process of the work itself

It is clearly that the process of the work is initiated by you. Then the AngularJS development company analyzes the explanation of your business goals and the requirements you have given. After that they estimate the cost of your final product. Important thing you must remember is that when you set up the work of the employees, you should make the business process consistent and totally transparent.

3. Concession

The third step of setting up the work is getting to the concession. It means that the discussion concerning your needs, software maintenance services, measures to take, and particulars to considerate, was successful and both sides agreed on responsibilities.

4. Process of development

AngularJS development company starts creating your app exactly after the agreement. You have the full right to ask for receiving day-to-day reports about the

current progress until the product is fully implemented and delivered to you.

5. Software testing

Just creating an app and launching it immediately is not wise. Before reaching your users, your app has to be tested. It will help to find out if it is comfortable and suitable for using. Here is the list of three vital points that you have to take into consideration when testing:

The measurement of the quality of the product before its launch;
Sureness that the provided products/services meet with your expectations;

Compatibility testing to check whether the product works in a proper way on different devices.

Remember that each development team should provide their customers with different kinds of testing. For example, AngularJS team offers all types of quality assurance services: performance testing, security testing, manual testing, functional testing.

They do not forget about the regression testing and stress testing, black box testing, grey box testing, white box testing.

Although the technical testings above are necessary, manual and automation testing should be also included into the expertise list. As a rule, AngularJS testing teams use various structured testing techniques and testing tools, including JIRA, Selenium, New Relic, GitHub, Tmux, Sahi, QTP, and Ranorex.

6. Delivery of the final product

The delivery of the product is the last and the most thrilling step. With AngularJS software company you will receive a reliable and stable product that will represent the uniqueness of your business.

As an additional advantage, you can ask for extra service if its necessary. In case of finding any bugs or if you want to wide the functionality a bit, the development team can implement it for you.


To sum everything up, be careful and attentive while hiring the development company for creation of your app. Follow the steps above to set up the organised team work of your employees and to get the best possible product.


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