Home Technology SEO Services: 3 Tips for Improving Your SEO Keyword Rankings

SEO Services: 3 Tips for Improving Your SEO Keyword Rankings

SEO Services: 3 Tips for Improving Your SEO Keyword Rankings

Google gets 3.5 billion searches a day and these words and phrases end up being essential to gaining traffic. That is because repetitive search phrases help people find compatible articles.

If you want to utilize the power of keywords you need to use them properly, something that SEO services specialize in.

Get started here with these 3 tips to make keywords more effective.

1. Place Keywords in Headers, Titles, and Links

An SEO keyword rank checker will grade your site on how well your keywords are visible to your reader. So, in addition to adding them to your body content, keywords should also be placed in other important areas of your article.

Put the main keyword in at least one header and use secondary keywords in sub-headers. The primary keyword can also be used in the title or a close variation of it.

Using secondary keywords in anchor text or links improves the recognition of the link, especially when using it as a backlink to your site.

2. Use Keywords as Questions and Answers

A great SEO keyword tool is to use a search engine’s frequently asked questions section. For example, on Google, you will see a section on the search result page that says “People also ask…” with a list of common questions.

You can use these questions to develop an outline for your article for headers and sub-headers. In addition to assisting with organization, the questions also help you find keywords.

Answering popular questions with keywords will increase the chances of your paragraph showing as a snippet.

Learn how to optimize for featured snippets using an SEO keyword research tool to get your blog posts placed at position zero, which is at the top of the search engine results page.

By offering relevant content with common keywords, you also develop legitimacy for your site as it becomes an authority in your niche. You can check how well your article is doing by using an SEO keyword rank checker tool.

3. Don’t Over Stuff Keywords

An SEO rankings checker may tell you how well your keywords will rank, but they don’t tell you if you have too many. Therefore, use your keyword placements sparingly.

Overstuffing your articles with keywords will look spammy to search engine crawlers no matter how many SEO tools you use. It will also create confusing phrases, sacrificing the readability of your content.

Use the primary keyword in the first paragraph, a header, and the closing paragraph. Variations can be used within the body of your article. Secondary keywords should only be used once or twice, depending on the length of your blog post.

Get Help From SEO Services

These keyword tactics only work if you find the right phrases. You can get help finding the best keywords by using SEO services. They will find relevant keywords according to your niche and even find professional bloggers to write your article.

Check our Web Services section for more tips on improving your site.


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