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A Guide to Safe Video Conferencing

secure video conferencing

Now that businesses are having to operate remotely, video conferencing has become a crucial tool for communication. We are lucky in the fact that technology can help us to bridge the gap and stay in touch while out of the office. However, companies need to be aware of the risks associated with using video conferencing software.

If you want to ensure your employees and business stay safe while communicating, below you’ll discover some great tips for safe video conferencing.

secure video conferencing

Assess your current system

The first thing you’ll want to do is assess your current system. If it is more than five years old, it’s time to update it. The older the system is, the more security risks its going to have. This is because the software will be out of date and unable to pick up on modern threats.

Similarly, your employees are going to need a decent, modern system too. You can seek advice from tech legal experts Withers too to see what the best ways to secure your systems are.

Ensure workers use a VPN

If you haven’t already got one, now is the time to look into getting a VPN. Virtual Private Networks keep your IP address and information hidden. There are standard VPNs you can pay for, but it’s much better to have one specifically for your business. That way, your employees can use it too.

Change passwords and ID for each conference

A very useful tip that’s going to increase your security, is to make sure you change your password and ID for each conference. This may seem like a hassle, but it is guaranteed to protect you and your employees.

If you are changing the passwords and IDs so frequently, it’s going to be difficult for hackers to gain access to your system.

Never open unexpected video conferencing invitations

One way that hackers are taking advantage of remote workers, is by sending video conferencing invitations. These may look legitimate, but the link allows the hacker access to the system. So, be sure to instruct all employees not to open unexpected video conference invitations.

Keeping your business and your employees safe and secure during video conferencing is crucial. If hackers were to get hold of personal data, you could end up facing a pretty hefty fine. They could also gain access to financial information, costing the business thousands of pounds. The above are some of the best ways to ensure you and your team can enjoy safe video conferencing.


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