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Reasons You Should Do SAFe Certification

SAFe Certification

The SAFe framework of Agile methodology is one of the most popular, promising, and useful methodologies of all. Now that most of the firms are adopting Agile-Scrum methodology, they are gradually transiting into SAFe as SAFe has more perks over Scrum. SAFe assists in working with multiple Scrum teams in constructing the large systems whereas Scrum caters to simple and not so complicated projects to be worked with a single team.

So, to get thorough knowledge of SAFe, one has to go for SAFe Training or SAFe agile certification. Following are a few reasons that you should undergo SAFe certification:

SAFe Agile Certification

Universally recognized certification

SAFe Agilest is dotted in one of the globally recognized certifications. It is a certification that holds a lot of value globally. It is accepted internationally as well. So, with this Certification, you can aim or dream of doing work anywhere in the world since you have valid and qualified credentials, skills, and even that knowledge to buttress your dream.

A great sum of Hike in the salary

One of the strong and promising reasons to do SAFe Certification along with SAFe Agilest Training is the lucrative salary package. If you are a certified SAFe Agilest then you will notice a good amount of hike in your salary.

Statistics say that Professionals who have SAFe Agilest Certification get paid about twenty-five % more than professionals who do not hold this certification. So, the choice is surely yours. You can instantly find a shoot in your salary once you have successfully done this certification.

Increases your scope

The SAFe professionals are very less in number and professionals who are certified with SAFe Certification enjoy access to the SAFe populace and forum for one year.

Here, all the certified SAFe Professionals can share and discuss their knowledge, practices, and techniques of SAFe which are taught in this Agile Training program. Once you have done this certification, it would not just give a boost to your career but also increase your visibility in the industry in a great manner.

SAFe delivers to changing Organizational needs in a good way
In the present time, the demands of the companies are changing with the client. Companies wish to adopt the methodology that is going to cater to the client’s demands. With SAFe Agile Certification and SAFe Agile Training, you surely would get to learn to implement the Lean Start-up Cycle and also that of Lean User Experience (Lean UX) for testing the ideas, innovations, and even that of creativity in a quick manner…

Constant delivery

With SAFe Agile certification and training, you surely can learn to implement and integrate with DevOps wherein there is a constant delivery given to the client with the huge team set up. SAFE Agile certification and SAFe Training do train the professionals to work with the DevOps team to upkeep the entire amount of work by achieving Continuous Delivery with which recurrent releases become possible.


So, StarAgile can get you the best training, guidance, and assistance with your certification endeavors. You can join up their classroom training programs and ensure you have the skills up your sleeves.


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