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Pros and Cons of Joining the Military

Pros and Cons of Joining the Army

It is no doubt, a fact that we all love the country we are born in, Our birth land remains a special place for us always. There are different ways by which people show devotion and attachment to their respective countries. Some people work hard as individuals to show their patriotism while some move to other places to earn for their country. Some go to college and do a master’s in military history to get a degree and make a courageous effort to join the military to show their love for the country.

People who join the military forces are usually the ones who have a passion for protecting their country from any harm. They want to serve their country, protect its liberty and integrity, and help to stop terrorism. It is one of the most selfless jobs ever, where a person is not concerned about himself or his family. His country becomes his number one priority.

Walter Reuther once said, “There is no greater calling than to serve your fellow men. There is no greater contribution than to help the weak. There is no greater satisfaction than to have done it well.” Just like every other job in this world, a career in the military also has its strengths and shortcomings. Let’s take a look at a few pros and cons of enlisting in the army.

Pros and Cons of Joining the Military


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Pros And Cons Of Joining The Military Service.

Benefits of Joining the Military

Here you will get to know about some basic and lifetime advantages which you can get after joining the military service. Though this service is totally selfless were more than your personal life you need to give weightage to your own country and nation defense regarding duty. But everyone should well know about some basic pros which  offers military service  you.

1. Self Enhancement.

When you think about joining the Military then for sure somewhere patriotism does available in you and somewhere you want to give direction to your thoughts by serving for own nation.

Military training and service give shapes to your overall personality where you need to follow discipline, Manners, Moral Values, and Humanity relevant ethics. It is the one kind of best chance for you where you can enhance yourself in an internal and external way.

Serving for own nation with self-enhancement can happen only with military service, while every time you can get to know here how much you are important for your nation as a military professional.

2. Social Status.

As a citizen of own country you may have seen different types of professional, but have ever been you noticed one thing a person who belongs for defense and military service he/she is every time getting respect by a different way from society. This thing proves that somewhere your social status goes high as a military professional while common citizens look towards you as their savior.

Nothing can be best than military service, where you can get to chance to serve for our own nation while the same thing gives you high respect and purpose to live your life in a meaningful way. It is possible through military service because you can get to know how much your nation needs you as a military professional.

One thing for sure here is that as a military professional you will receive lifetime gratitude from your society while this is the only profession, where every time your social status will be high.

3. Chance to Meet With Like-Minded People And Life-Time Friends.

As a military professional your thoughts go to be furnished by positive and serving-minded thoughts, where every time you want to serve only for your own nation. Somewhere there was patriotism that existed in you that’s why you have chosen military service. But the big true thing here is that during the service you will meet with like-minded people in military training as well as regular service.

Dare, dedication, discipline, and manners like good values you will get to see into everyone’s as a military professional. Somewhere such things take close all of you as a friend while you all serve for own nation by the same purpose so it is an obvious thing that friendship goes to develop between all persons in a military.

No doubt military is the best platform where you can get a chance to meet with like-minded people as well as a lifetime friends. Though after some years your service will end as a friend, military person’s stay connected with each other for a lifetime.

4. Protect Your Own Nation and Strengthen Your Patriotism.

It is hard and impossible to find a lack of patriotism in those people who are serving the nation as military professionals. You may get to see someone who has enough courage and ambitions to do for their own nation they are into military service.

A big reason behind that is, it is the only platform that can push you to fight with your nation’s enemies on the battleground. No matter you are into Army, Navy, or Airforce as a soldier you always think first about your nation.

Don’t you think such things enough to strengthen patriotism in you? Guess, obviously military training and service give you that best opportunity where you can live for the nation and even die too. Never forget this thing that as a military professional for every time you will be the protector of your own motherland, while nothing can be great self-respect than this thing.

Finally, the conclusion of this point is that, if you want to move your strength and patriotism in the right direction then joining military service can be a always great option for you.

5. Good Career Option.

World widely if you go to check military service recruitment pattern, then one thing you may get to see is that every country prefer to recruit most young person into military service. To give shape for future military service person you may get to see army school and academy where from the age of 16 students go to admit.

Now those candidates who are selected for military service for them there are already options have available, so that they will continue their education as per their own wish. Here as a military professional, you can continue your education also, nothing can be great than that. This means here you are not only earning and serving but also getting educated too.

In short, we can say choosing military service as a profession will help you to fulfill all your major desires in life. So if you think military service is my career way then also it gives you multiple achievements in return back.

Some Handsome Benefits After Joining The Military Service. 

Military service offers you some attractive benefits, in an actual that is the part of service benefits, but they are includes into Pros of the military services, Let’s see all of them; 

6. Free Health Insurance.

A military official does not have to be worried about his health care bills. They are covered by the insurance company, in liaison with the government. Any injury, health-related issues, dental issues, accidents are included free of charge. Their families have health insurance too. The military itself covers all its expenses.

7. Free college.

The G.I Bill ensures to cover college and rental fees if a military officer wants to complete his/her studies. He/she does not have to pay any fees or taxes for it if he gets the approval. The G.I Bill can also be transferred to the spouse or children for their college fees to be covered by the military institution.

8. Good paying job.

Other than the benefits of having college and health insurance, military officers also receive a handsome remuneration. Their house rents and other utilities are covered too, so whatever they earn goes straight into their pocket.

9. Free Travel and Paid Vacation.

The military gives its officers 30 days of paid leave per year, excluding weekends and federal holidays. So when an officer is on his leave, he can enjoy his free time with his family by traveling to any vacation spot without having to pay for it since they also cover it.

There are also different military resorts around the world where they can have a safe environment to relax and unwind.

10. Skills and Training.

One of the advantages of serving one’s country is that they receive various training in a variety of career fields. They also receive additional training, certification courses when they are off-duty. It also helps in increasing the weight of one’s resume once one decides to go back to civilian life.

Up till now, you have seen some basic but handsome benefits for which you can get eligible after joining the military service, while all of them are considered to be Pros of the military service. Next, you will get to read about some Cons which can show you another side of military service, then you will realize that which things should be available in you for the joining of this service. 

In another way, it will take that thing in a positive way then you can start for preparation for military service, where a lot of possibilities exist, need only strong determination and will power which can make you as a successful military professional.  

Disadvantages of Joining the Military

1.Deal With Uncertain Things

If you have already read the advantages of military service then one thing you may learnt from that, joining the military means you will not have assurance about the circumstances with which you will need to deal. Sometimes you may get pushed into the battleground for war or you will need to tackle that hurdles which ever been you didn’t face before.

It is a true thing that military service is the profession where you will need to bear the pain and keep strong yourself internally and externally. Sometimes situations can be like as you will not get a chance to give excuses and all. As a defense professional that much dedication and hard work, you will need to give every time.

Such types of things can give you the bitter experience of life, while we can say it is the disadvantage of military service.

2. Possibilities of Serious Injuries.

Someone who thinks that they want to become a military professional without injuries then it can be just your fantasy which is far away from the truth. Here you may get that nightmare-like experience about what you didn’t think before because every time you have to keep a defensive and warrior approach that’s called military professional. It is an obvious thing that you may get injurious when you are on the battleground, while some injuries may give you pain for a lifetime.

Some military operations may be highly risky and totally new for you, where you may don’t know how to go ahead and from where you should start to fight with your opponent. Here at high risk, you will need to push yourself to fight with enemies and keep your own national sovereignty. Due to innovation, various types of advanced weapons are going to be used in battlegrounds where you may get highly injured.

So the conclusion of this explanation is if you want to choose a military profession then you should be ready to bear injuries and serve for your own nation till the last breath.

Though as a warrior, getting injuries are an obvious things but some major injuries can totally damage any specific organ of your body. So here we can say, major injuries risk can be concluded as a disadvantage or cons of military service.

3. No Assurance About Life

Sometimes you may get handle easy tasks into military service where you will stand on the nation border while not violent on the border side. But if you look to some country’s border that found to be violent all the time while war like a situation goes to create on such boarders.

Nowadays you don’t get to see direct war into a battleground, but behind the scene every time threatening and Power performance goes to happen on most of the border, where one country wants to become dominant on another. Terrorist activity has become expanded into almost all major countries, while most countries’ borders are violent due to that also.

As a military professional, you have to deal with every type of challenge and panic situation which may get the highest sacrifice from you. That’s why military person when coming back on duty from his/her home that time they don’t have the assurance that next time they will return back safely and alive at home or not. It is one kind of bitter truth into a military service person life, where they may lose their lives.

So here you will not have any assurance about your life if you will choose a military profession, either you will complete the whole span of your service safely or you will become a martyr. We can’t say straightly this thing as a disadvantage of military service, but truth is that you will be at high risk about life.

4. Fun Making Not Allowed.

If you are a person who loves all the time fun and chill out for the military profession is not a suitable profession. Once you join military service that means every time you will need to learn how to live with principles.

Normally everyone likes to live their life without pain, burden, and violent things. But if you go to select a military profession, then such things will obviously add to your life. While the military profession is not allowing you to make fun as you want, here on few times you will get free time to do such things when you will be off from work or on leaves.

This means as a military professional there are some restrictions on almost all activities while the life of such persons is totally different that civilians.

5. Attentive Profession.

Up till now if you don’t have a clear idea like which profession is very much attentive then keep in mind this thing that the Military profession is the most attentive profession. Here every time you need to do your work in an attentive manner while doesn’t matter you are on leave. If you get orders to come back on duty then you will need to go back to handle your duty.

Normally civilians can get leave from work as per their choice and come back to work as per their leave schedule. But if you choose the military profession then you will need to follow some protocols even to get leaves.

This thing can include into cons of the military profession while someone who is not flexible about to leave schedule, for them it is not a suitable profession.

Cons About Military Profession Protocol.

As we all know that there are so many protocols are available in the Military profession which you have to follow strictly during the service. But on to another site, it may unbearable for someone’s, while it has included into Cons of the Military service, Let see them all. 

6. Being away from family.

Being in the military makes a person healthy and muscular from the outside, but sometimes, it weakens a man from the inside when he has to stay away from his spouse or children for a long time. Especially if it’s his baby’s birthday or any other special occasion, he can’t be there with them because his service to the country comes first.

7. Strict Discipline.

When you become a soldier, everyone expects you to be a mature adult who strictly follows the rules and practices discipline throughout his life. People judge you if you become flexible, therefore, you always have to pretend as a mature, responsible adult who doesn’t party all the time.

8. Ranking.

Ranking in the military is one of the most important things. It can sometimes create aggression when someone younger than you has a higher rank, and you have to listen to him dictating you. You can’t meddle in between because he is your leader so, in this process, a lot of egos get hurt too.

9. Wait for the approval.

One of the disadvantages of being in the military is that you have to seek consent for anything you plan on doing with your life. If you plan on taking leave, get permission.

If you plan on getting married, ask for consent before planning. Sometimes, an emergency comes up, and you have to dismiss all your plans.

10. No Quitting.

One has to sign a contract before joining the military that states the number of years you have to serve your country. If one day you decide to quit and to change your career, you cannot do that easily because quitting involves a lengthy process.

If one day, you don’t feel like showing up at work because you feel sick, you can’t because you will have to go through their medical scrutiny before they decide if you are sick enough to get a day off.

Pros and Cons of Joining The Military After College.

Here you will get to see the pros and cons about to join the military after college or graduate education.


  • If you have completed your graduation degree education and now want to join military service, this thing can allot your officer rank post. Some major country offers commissioned post to bachelor degree eligible candidate.
  • Those who are graduate or master degree holders can get management officer or commanding officer lever post into the military.
  • Candidates who have been completed their bachelor’s or master’s degree education for the military services offer an attractive pay-out scale. Here every time such candidates salary can get to see high than lower education soldiers.
  • Sometime into military service such candidates may get promoted to the next rank post into the short span, who have already done their bachelor or master degree education.
  • Some countries offer loan programs to military service for that candidate who has already highly qualified. Here if you have completed your bachelor or master’s degree and now joining army service with 3 years of service agreement then per year army will repay you as per their standard norms and regulations. Such repay are mostly attractive and they can make you committed to your service.


  • If you join military education after graduation or master then means most of the time of your young age, you have given to the education. So once you will join the military that means your work experience will be low than that serviceman who has joined the service after high school.
  • Every country offers to continue education for military service personnel during the regular duty. While for such servicemen military provides tuition fees, meals, books, and other education-related allowance. Those who have already completed their graduation-level education don’t get such kinds of benefits.
  • Some candidates may have completed their bachelor or master’s degree education by getting loans from any financial institutions and now they have joined military service. Here the thing is like that, the total money you have spent from your own pocket for education. while those who are in military service for the government offers allowance.
  • As soon you join the military that much you will get retire from the service. If you join military service after college that means it will take a long time to complete your service.


If you think to join military service then you should be well known about some advantages and disadvantages of this service. You may get to see some attractive benefits as a military professional while there are some cons also for joining this service. To get know about such pros and cons about military service, this article information can be very much helpful for you, so you can get a reference from here.

Frequently Asked Quiz Questions About Pros And Cons of Joining Military – FAQ.

Q. What are the pros and cons of joining the military after high school?

Pros are as per given next:
1. You can complete military service soon
2. You can get future education allowance from military organizations/Government.
3. Work experience can be high and vast than that candidate who is joining military service after college.
4. No need to take a loan or spend money from own pocket for future education.
Cons are as per given next:
1. High school eligibility candidates get the lower rank posts into military service.
2. Those who have joined military service after high school their salary is low.
3. Lower chance to promote on higher post until complete the higher degree education.
4. Loan repayment plan not available for high school eligibility servicemen.

Q. Does joining military service may be dangerous for lives?

Ans: Sometimes there is a high risk into military service for our lives, but everyone doesn’t go to sacrifice their lives. It happens sometimes with someone, not with everyones.

Q. Is it true that military service can be helpful for self-enhancement?

Ans: Yes.

Q. Being a military service professional, the social status may get upper level, is it true?

Ans: Yes, it is a true thing.

Q. What can be the best time to join the army after high school or college?

Ans: It can be your own choice as per your wish and current status. Like someone who wants to get future education but is not financially stable then they can join military service and continue education through that. While if anyone wants to get a higher rank post for them it is the best way to get complete their college education first and then go to join military service.


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