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Nobody is too old for learning Spanish

“I’m too old to start learning a foreign language” is something that can usually be heard during Spanish courses. But… being old can prevent you from speaking Spanish one day? Age is obviously not a hindrance in learning the Spanish language!

Here is why age has nothing to do with learning a language, or at least young and old have advantages to learn Spanish, vocabulary or conjugation included. Maybe choosing a cool Spanish school in Barcelona can change your mind.

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Is age-related in learning?

If you read this and think that your age will prevent you from learning Spanish: bingo, this article is for you! Purpose in writing it? You can trust yourself to learn Spanish if you have misplaced it. Believe me, maturity is not a handicap when learning a language. On the contrary, maturity can be your main asset.

Young people may beat you in tweets per second, but as far as Spanish is concerned, you have a lot of resources that you may not know about.

Your brain will get older… only if you stop stimulating it

The false belief about the so-called age problem for learning a language is brain fatigue. As if by magic, the brain would stop to work well at a certain age. However, scientists have shown that the brain can change and acquire new skills in just a few sessions, regardless of age.

For this, a single secret: the regularity in the practice of mental activity. The more you train, the more effective your brain will be. On the other hand, the more you relax, the less your brain can learn new things. In addition to communicating in a new language, learning Spanish is a great way to keep your brain active!

You start with a very nice advantage: experience

You have a really important advantage: you already know how to learn. When someone wants to speak Spanish, is often interested in the language itself, sometimes forgetting that it is also important to know how to learn. Often, in class, teachers spend time explaining to their students how to learn Spanish, how to make cards, the importance of practicing from the beginning, to read regularly his mistakes to progress… older people already know how to learn. They know how to put strategies in place to be effective. They know how to get to the point. It is a quality not insignificant!

You are no longer a child

As adults, we understand better the importance of languages. Researchers have shown that from a certain age, one learns more easily from the context and relies on discursive or conceptual aspects.

All this to say that you have a certain distance when you learn a language: use it! You do not learn because a teacher has told you or because you want to be congratulated at the next class council. You learn because you have a deep motivation that will push you during your learning.

Seek excuses no longer, just start!

You may be afraid to get into Spanish because of your age. But, you will understand, learning a language is not a marathon or a combat sport. On the contrary, it is a mental activity in which one needs regularity, motivation, and organization.

Everything you do not miss. So do not have any complex to start practicing Spanish at a certain age.

You can learn Spanish from 7 to 77 years old and beyond. As for the younger ones, you are your own limit. Learning Spanish is quite feasible, provided you wanting it.

What can you do in order to learn Spanish effectively?

Whether you are new to language learning or not, there are always new ideas to consider that can make a real difference in the way you learn Spanish. We can cite many tips for learning Spanish as a foreign language, but motivation and purpose are always the keys to success.

Why do you want to learn Spanish? Think about it .. everyone should have their own unique reason, but if you do not have a solid goal, it would not hurt to read some of the reasons why it’s a good idea to learn the same. Be aware of your reasons for learning Spanish and think about it from time to time, to help you stay focused and keep going when things get tough.

Previous experience of language learning is always useful. If you have already learned a language, you will have some learning techniques that you can apply to a new language. If you studied languages ​​at school some time ago, you will find that the current approaches are a little different, and more effective.


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