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9 LED Ideas for Bars and Nightclubs

Partying or clubbing has been one of the sophisticated approaches for socializing ever since. In the modern verse, clubbing is one of the coolest things we can think of. Visualize an ambiance with high vibration effects and colorful lighting changing its pattern with every passing second. Yes! The first thing that comes to your mind is lights, which is the basis of any visualization we think of today.

Architectural lighting and designs combined with advanced theatrical lighting in the clubs are always a cherry on the cake. So an owner of the club pays much attention to the lighting of the bars and nightclubs to put a striking effect on the clubgoers.

LED Ideas for Bars

Usage Of LED Lights Over Traditional Lights

Precise lights can change the whole decorum and also uplifts an individual’s mood. LED lights are working as a supreme attraction over traditional tedious lights in the bars and night clubs.

The Reasons:

Why are the owners going more inclining towards LED light strips than Traditional lights?

  • The variant colors available for the LED Lights especially the neon-colored HID bright lights
  • The cost-effectiveness is another salient reason. The prices of LEDs are decreasing, and this is because the industry is proliferating. In the coming years, we can expect that the cost of LED lights grows more and cheaper.
  • LED light longevity over traditional HID lights. Yes, you heard it correctly when we talk about the duration of the LED lights are above 50,000 hours so even after 50,000 hours the LED lights will run at lower efficiency. 

For example, A good LED light will function 100 percent for 7 years then it will decrease to 95 percent, but it doesn’t go out of life there. Whereas HID lights need to be replaced every few years once the bulb runs out of life.

  • The durability of LED lights is higher than the traditional lights.
LED Tread Lighting

Here we will showcase 9 ideas for LED lights usage in the night clubs and bars which will undoubtedly make the club looks awesome:

 1.     Surface Molding

 While decorating the clubs, the ceilings and panels need to be fixed with the best RGB LED strip lights which can change the look of the venue.

  • Through new LED technology, video content and graphics can be shown.
  • Pendant lighting and wall scones are all part of surface molding with LED lights.
  • When installing LED on the wall make sure to install most of the strip before the cove is up.
  • Placement of the transformer correctly so that it can be closely connected to the LED light strips should be noticed.
surface molding with LED lights

 2. LED Furniture

Illuminating the furniture with LED lights provides a great look for the club goers. LED light strips can be cut and carved into any shape, and it remains intact so usage of them under the chairs and tools inside the bar and night clubs can give another fetching factor for the club goers.

 3. Stairs Lit With LED Strips

The gateway, i.e. the stairs towards the nightclub both interior and exterior when designed with LED light neon strips makes it look eye-catchy and aesthetic. Moreover, stairs illuminated with LED light strips also prevents any accidents.

  • The LED strips can be cut into meters and can be put spirally on the handrails
  • 12 volt LED strips are absolutely safe, consume less electricity, and are heat resistant.  

 4. Dance Floor

An inviting dance floor always should be vibrant with different bright colored LED lights like fluorescent and neon colors. This would stunningly create an amazing visual effect for the club goers.

 5. DJ Counter

The cabin where the DJ plays all kinds of music also needs special attention. The DJ booth can also be decorated with an LED flex strip:

  • Under the cabinet
  • And also the Footwell LED
  • Outbox lighting also deserves special mention.

 6. Bar Counter

The center of attraction of any night club is the Bar zone. Varieties of lamps are available for decorating the bars. But the ideal ones for a bar tabletop would be foot-candles at the tabletop.

 7. Exterior Design Of The Clubs

Not to forget the exterior walls of a particular bar or night club is also significant. The exterior walls always attract the club-goers on the first.

  • Try opting for 2700k LED or maybe 3000k. It will present a soothing natural tone and will also give a glow effect.
  • Wall packs on the top of the buildings, parking, and garages also can look attractive.
  • For cool and attractive display LED lights can be used for the hoardings of the club. The flexibility of the strips with vibrant colors can draw the attention of various club goers. Multicolored warm colored strips are recommended.

 8. Casino Setup

There are night clubs with casino setups, and those casino tables can also be well illuminated with chandelier LED lights and LED light strips. This too provides an elegant look to the whole ambiance.

 9. Pool Side Clubs

Pools are always an attractive center for all the club goers. Hence to enhance the beauty of the pool view club owners can pay attention to decorate the poolside with extensive LED light strips.

  • Warm colors can be avoided to provide a soothing look.
  • Low voltage LED lights are preferred for the inner rim of the pool or around the pool deck
  • You may use a 5v LED Strip at the bottom of the pool, which can provide different light patterns.
  • The only essential point to remember while setting up a pool LED strip is to ensure the 5v supply is separated from the primary source to avoid any accidents.


Usage of LED lights at the bars and night clubs provides not only attention but also an aesthetic view. Being superior to traditional lighting, LED lights are completely cost-effective and last longer due to their flexibility in nature. The recommendation on tips and steps for using LED lights in the bars and night clubs will certainly uplift the atmosphere and bring in more crowds.   


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